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Jack Black's Solo Debut For Super Mario Bros. Track Cracks Hot 100 Chart


Actor and musician Jack Black has achieved a significant milestone in his musiccareer. Jack Black's solo debut for Super Mario Bros. track cracks Hot 100chart at number 83. The track, which appears in the new Super Mario Bros. movie, features Black as the voice of Bowser, the King of the Koopas.

Jack Black's "Peaches" Debuts On Billboard Hot 100 Chart For First Time In His Career

In the film, Bowser seeks to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom by marrying Princess Peach, who is voiced by actress Anya Taylor-Joy. In "Peaches", Black serenades Princess Peach, proclaiming his unrequited love for her.

Peach, you’re so cool. And with my star we’re gonna rule. Peach, understand, I’m gonna love you ’til the very end. Princess Peach, at the end of the line, I’ll make you mine.- Peaches by Jack Black

The music video for "Peaches" features Black wearing a shimmery green suit and a Koopa dragon evil lair mullet as he pirouettes across a soundstage.

Jack Black - Peaches (Directed by Cole Bennett) The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Many have praised the track for its playful yet heartfelt lyrics.

The thing about Jack Black is that he writes songs that are silly and fun and then sings them like he’s so deep in an emotional hole that he’ll never see the sun again and he has a voice that could define a generation.- Jack Black's Listener

Universal Pictures has confirmed that "Peaches" will be eligible for submission for the Best Original Song category at the upcoming Oscars. The song was co-written by Black and the film's directors Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic. Fans of Black's music career have expressed their excitement at the news.

You really have to appreciate that Jack Black leaves a little in the tank so every new generation can experience the balls-out rock performances only he can deliver.- Jack Black's Listener

Black has been a prominent figure in the entertainmentindustry for over two decades, having appeared in popular films such as "School of Rock", "Shallow Hal", and "Kung Fu Panda". He has also fronted the comedic rock band Tenacious D since 1994, releasing four studio albums and winning a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance in 2015.

With "Peaches" now on the Hot 100 chart and in contention for an Oscar, it seems that Black's music career is continuing to reach new heights.

He rocks too hard because he's not a mortal man.- Jack Black's Listener


In conclusion, Jack Black's "Peaches" is a fun and heartfelt tribute to the iconic Super Mario Bros. franchise, showcasing the actor's musical talents and sense of humor. With its debut on the Hot 100 chart and eligibility for an Oscar nomination, the song has further cemented Black's place in the entertainment industry as a versatile and dynamic performer.

Whether you're a fan of his films or his music, there's no denying that Jack Black rocks hard and leaves it all on the stage.

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