Jacqueline Jossa Lost A Crazy Amount Of Weight On ‘I’m A Celeb’

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Published 10.12.19

As the campmates filed into camp three weeks ago, tentative, apprehensive and hesitant of the trials and tribulations to come, they at least had full bellies.

Whether it had been extra helpings of Sunday roast and all the trimmings or three extra double cheeseburgers, you would suspect their final meal to be as calorie dense as humanly possible to prepare for what lay ahead!

As jungle queen, Jacqueline Jossa leaves as the show’s victor sporting a fancy floral crown and well-deserved glass of champers, I’m a Celeb viewers were quick to clock her dramatic loss of weight since she entered the jungle.


One of the actress’ fan accounts has shared before and after images of the star, pictured just three weeks apart, to demonstrate the drastic difference in her size.

jacqueline jossa

Far from the only star to leave the jungle with a dramatically reduced BMI, former Eastender, Cliff Parisi claims to have lost a staggering 1.5 stone over the course of the 14 days he spent in camp, stating his “stomach had shrunk”.


Hailing the rice and bean diet as the way to go for weight loss, Kate Garraway says she has lost 14 pounds across the three weeks spent on the show.

“They weigh you before you go in and they weigh you when you come out and I’ve lost a stone. I was really eating in there as well, so rice and beans is kind of the way to go!”.

kate garraway red bikini


Perhaps, producers were just making sure the level of risk due to weight loss as a result of extreme starvation was only negligible?!

Fans seemed game for a stint in camp themselves with one tweeting: “Wow, I need to do this show, look at the weight loss!”. 

Another adding: “She defo has lost weight, I need to rice and bean diet x”. 


Jac’s fellow campmate, James Haskell, also came out sporting an enviable washboard stomach and protruding abs, lost sometime ago, when he was fourth to leave the jungle.

James admitted to “being left starving after going from his usual 4,000 calories a day to just 700” while on the restricted calorie diet.

Collectively, campmates have lost a staggering 10kg between them during their time spent on the show and were keen to make up for it when they were reunited with loved ones.

james haskell weight loss


Haskell added:

“I came out and everyone said don’t go too mad. I went and smashed a full English, muffin and granola and then Chloe filled my hat with biscuits for the journey back

“I’ve since had two pizzas and a cheese board and some Coronas… I’m still hungry!”

Wow, they really were starved in there!

Images via Instagram, ITV