I’m A Celeb’s Jacqueline Jossa threatens to quit after Myles Stephenson reveals the truth about her husband Dan Osbourne’s affair.

Before entering the jungle, everyone knew that Jacqueline Jossa, wife of Dan Osbourne, would ask Myles Stephenson, Gabby Allen’s ex-boyfriend, about Dan and Gabby’s intimate relationship.

Still with me?


This drama stems from pictures taken by the press of Dan Osbourne cosying-up to the ex-Love Island star in April 2018, whilst Jossa was at home pregnant with their second child.

The latest reports from the I’m A Celeb jungle suggest that Myles Stephenson has spoken to Jacqueline Jossa about the supposed affair in unaired scenes. Unfortunately for Jacqueline, he’s confident that his ex-girlfriend did pursue a relationship with her husband.

It’s being reported that Jacqueline has had a meltdown after discovering information about Dan and Gabby’s affair. Sources suggest that Jacqueline’s reaction became so disruptive to the show that ITV to do something about it.

However, I’m A Celeb producers refused to let her call Dan as they felt this was unfair to all of the other campmates, so she agreed to exchange voicemails with him instead.


As expected, Dan Osbourne is furious about the claims as he’s already spent so long shutting them down. He is now taking his anger out on Jacqueline’s fellow campmate Myles Stephenson who she discussed the situation with.

In a bid to slate Myles and to shut down any press about the two campmates developing a romantic relationship in the jungle, Dan took to Instagram to claim his wife “wouldn’t even go for him if she was single”. He continued by saying “She would not be attracted to Myles even if she was single, no kids, no nothing lol. He can try all he wants though, bless”.

Dan Osbourne Gabby Allen

Last summer, Marcel Somerville, another of Gabby Allen’s former boyfriends, practically confirmed the fling in telling The Sun: “A mutual friend of Dan and I told me that Gabby and Dan were having sex in Marbella on their work trip and also when they got back to England.”

In an attempt to save their marriage, Dan is flying out to Australia with Jacqueline’s family so that he can speak to her as she exits the jungle.


“Dan was originally supposed to be flying out with Jacqueline’s family but there was some delay in him leaving – her mum wasn’t sure why. He’s now on the same flight as her mum and dad, and has brought his mum, brother and the two kids (Ella and Mia) along too. They’re due to land on Wednesday morning and Dan will be keen to speak to Jac as soon as possible. They’ve got plenty to talk about – and with her taking her ring off in the jungle, it doesn’t sound like she’s going to stand for anything but the truth when they finally get time face-to-face.” – A source close to the show in conversation with The Mirror

Im A Celeb Myles Dan Osbourne Jacqueline Jossa

Prior to entering the jungle, Jacqueline stated that she was sick of being viewed as a ‘pushover’ and a ‘doormat’. These comments coupled with the fact that she’s taken her wedding ring off for her time in the jungle spell trouble for her marriage to the reality star.


All I’d like to say is: Don’t quit Jac, you’ve got this!

This comes after Caitlyn and Ian are in trouble over smuggling illegal contraband.

If you’ve been watching closely you’ll know that the 70 year-old conspired to smuggle some food back into the camp for the former football star after the campers only managed to win nine out of 12 stars at the Bushtucker Trial, meaning three had to go hungry.

Ian originally missed out on the luxury meal with Cliff Parisi and Andy Whyment after James Haskell and Roman Kemp failed to complete their controversial Bushtucker trial.


Caitlyn sneakily grabbed some corn on the cob and left it next to Ian when the group returned to camp after stuffing their faces.

The Arsenal legend then tucked in to the contraband whilst hiding it from the rest of the group.

Speaking to the Bush Telegraph afterwards, Jenner said: “Did any leftovers make it back into the camp? Maybe, maybe not. I’m pleading the fifth!”

Wright then added: “I don’t think anybody has any photographic evidence of misdemeanours in the food department. I defy you to find any.”


However she may come to regret her actions as hosts Ant and Dec commented after the scene aired: ‘Contraband in camp noted.’

We’ll see how this plays out.