Jaguar That Clawed Woman Who Climbed Barrier To Take Selfie Won’t Be Put Down

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in News, World
Published 11.03.19
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I’ve said it a lot recently but the desire for people to take selfies has gone absolutely mad.

Just the other week I was in Porto and some woman was precariously perched over a steep drop while trying to take one. She was moving about so freely and casually it was almost as if she was fully prepared to meet her gruesome end for the sake of a good Instagram pic.

How about we stop the nonsense and put our own lives and safety first for a minute? That’d be a novel idea.

As you can tell I’m pretty riled up about this, only because a woman reportedly crossed over a barrier near a jaguar enclosure at the Wildlife World Zoo in Arizona on Saturday to take a photo with the big cats.

When she got too close, one reached out and slashed her arm leaving her with injuries and requiring medical attention, according to a tweet sent from the zoo’s official account.

The tweet read: “The visitor sustained non-life-threatening injuries to their arm from one of our female jaguars. At the request of the family, paramedics were called. At no time was the animal out of its enclosure…please understand why barriers are put in place. Sending prayers to the family tonight.”

The zoo added: The incident is being fully investigate”

Honestly, some people shouldn’t be allowed out of the house. They’re a danger to themselves and everyone around them.

People rightly blasted the woman for being stupid enough to get that close to the jaguar, with social media users threatening to boycott the zoo if they put the jaguar down.

And thankfully, the Wildlife World Zoo has assured its followers that the jaguar won’t be.

Common sense prevails for once. Hurrah!

And everyone was really quite pleased with the zoo for not having a knee-jerk reaction about the incident.

The woman will no doubt recover back to full health and hopefully she’ll have learned a lesson or two. Chiefly, never take an animal for granted like that again.

They couldn’t give a toss about you or your plight for an interesting photo. Put your mobile down, live in the moment and appreciate the creature’s beauty with your own eyes.

Mobile phones will be the death of us all.

Literally (almost).

Images via Getty/Adam Wilkerson