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Jake Paul's $420000 Ferrari Crashes Within An Hour Of Purchase


Jake Paul, the controversial YouTube star turned boxer, has once again found himself making headlines, and this time it involves an expensive mishap. Jake Paul's $420000 Ferrari crashes within an hour of purchase. While this might come as a surprise to some, given Paul's penchant for extravagant and sometimes reckless behavior, it is hardly shocking.

YouTube Star's Reckless Driving Sparks Repairs And Controversy

The incident was captured in a video uploaded to Paul's YouTube channel, where he has amassed a massive following. In the video, aptly titled "The Problem Child," Paul takes viewers along as he visits the showroom and lays his eyes on the bright yellow Ferrari 296 GTB. With his trademark audacity, Paul even jokingly claims that he should be hired by the popular British car show, Top Gear.

I feel like I need to start talking in a British accent and using big words, like the Top Gear people. Top Gear needs to hire me!- Jake Paul, Youtuber

However, it didn't take long for Paul to live up to his reputation. Shortly after leaving the dealership, he decided to push the Ferrari to its limits, engaging in a series of donuts. While such stunts may seem thrilling, they can have dire consequences, especially for high-performance vehicles like the Ferrari 296 GTB.

Paul quickly noticed a flurry of notifications appearing on the car's digital display, indicating various failures, including "low beam failure," "AVS failure," "ESC system failure," and "Manettino failure."

My New $421,000 Ferrari 296 GTB (review)

These warnings are never a good sign, regardless of the car's age or mileage. Ignoring the implications, Paul gave a humorous remark displaying his trademark nonchalance.

I don't know if I was supposed to drive it that hard on the first day.- Jake Paul, Youtuber

Upon inspecting the car more closely, Paul also discovered that the tires were in less than optimal condition, adding to his list of concerns. Realizing the gravity of the situation, he sought advice from his father, who reminded him of the importance of breaking in a new car before subjecting it to extreme drivingmaneuvers.

While Paul's antics might seem irresponsible to many, it's worth noting that he possesses the financial means to rectify his mistakes. It is highly likely that he promptly contacted the dealership or had a representative reach out to arrange for the necessary repairs.

Jake Paul's Ferrari fiasco serves as a reminder that even the most affluent individuals can succumb to the allure of recklessness when presented with high-performance vehicles. In the world of luxury cars, it is crucial to exercise caution and allow for a proper break-in period before pushing the limits.


As for Jake Paul, his escapades continue to capture public attention, whether inside the boxing ring or behind the wheel of an expensive supercar. Love him or hate him, one thing is for certain—Jake Paul knows how to keep the spotlight firmly fixed on himself, regardless of the consequences.

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