James Blunt Has Perfect Reply When “You’re Beautiful” Was Credited To Another Singer

You’ve really got to hand it to James Blunt – he’s got the bants.

His meteoric rise to pop super-stardom after forever wedding song “You’re Beautiful” may have sent a lesser man stark mad, but J Blunt has managed to keep his feet on the ground and retain his humility.

Of course he probably has bittersweet feelings over that song; on the one hand it made him a star and shed loads of cash, but on the other hand he’s constantly reminded of it wherever he goes.

It’s a price I’d be willing to pay tbh.

James Blunt Has Perfect Reply When "You're Beautiful" Was Credited To Another Singer

Nevertheless, the certified posh-boy and ex military man has done alright for himself in the years since that 2004 hit, firmly establishing himself as the unofficial King of Twitter.

Exhibit A:

And now the crooner’s at it again over a case of mistaken identity.

Another brilliant James – singer James Blake – was wrongly credited as the singer of “You’re Beautiful” by radio station Kiss FM.

Look – they tagged him and everything.

Eagle-eyed Blake spotted the mistake and decided to play along, jokingly admitting that yep, that was his song:

Cue vintage Blunt – responding with a brilliantly self-deprecating and funny tweet.

Maybe he really does regret making that song.

As I said earlier, he’s made a habit of taking the piss out of himself and people seem to love it:

I feel bad about calling him a posh-boy earlier because I meant it in a positive way.

Posh like Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddlestone, Bear Grylls and Eddie Redmayne, not like David Cameron, Jacob Rees-Mogg or the worst of the lot, Hugh Grant.

Insufferable bloke.

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