James Haskell Slammed For ‘Disgusting’ Comment On Jacqueline Jossa’s Instagram

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Published 14.02.20

I’m A Celebrity reigning queen of the jungle, Jacqueline Jossa has recently shared snaps of herself enjoying some quality time with husband, Dan Osborne as she plays a game of footy on the beach with her Instagram followers.



“So @danosborneofficial took this photo of me and I was certain I was going to look like a full-on Instagram model in my cute dungarees on the beach. FUMING!! Look at me”.

“BUT still I look at this with fond memories of playing football on a beach with my hubby, racing and just being so silly”.

“I can’t help but smile”.

“Fair to say I will never be that girl”.


Jacqueline who is not shy of taking the micky out of herself publicly highlights the importance of being real on her social media.

This is one of the many reasons fans love her and in a recent TikTok clip, Jac is seen doing just that in a before and after edit during a shoot for her first collection with In The Style.


Many of Jac’s fans were quick to assure her she looked “gorgeous” and was a “natural beauty” unlike many “insta models” on her holiday snap.

With one saying: “You look gorgeous!!! Difference is these insta ‘models’ are edited to fook”.


Another adding: “Because you’re not fake darling you’re a natural beauty don’t ever forget that same goes to other women don’t look up to them they’re not real”.

But fellow I’m A Celeb campmate, James Haskell has made himself out to be a complete bell leaving a comment which has since been branded “disgusting” and “cruel”.

The comment, which has now been deleted said: “You look like you are waiting for the sunshine bus and if anyone touches your football you will go mad”.


james haskell jacquelin jossa

He has since received a barrage of abuse on social media from those who felt James was “mocking” people with disabilities.

The comment is said to allude to special transport used by people with disabilities and has been damned as an “ill-judged comment” on James’ behalf.


Personally I feel he should consider himself in those horrendous speedos before he takes aim at anyone else’s image.

His thoughtless comment has drove many people to vent their anger online – and rightly so.

“As a parent of a child with a disability these types of comments are often said to mock a person’s disability and are hugely offensive, experience first-hand the struggles and pain of a disabled person or be a family member who hears comments relating to a person they love it’s heartbreaking”, said one commenter.


While another fumed: “So I will happily be on the PC brigade, defending my child and others with disability”.

“Wow James, excelled yourself here, this certainly isn’t ‘banter central’ and no I’m not a snowflake, just think this is a horrible comment”, said another.

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James Taylor, Head of Policy, Campaigns and Public Affairs at disability equality charity, Scope, has said: “Ignorant, nasty language like this is no laughing matter”.

“Public figures making these kinds of comments legitimises the discrimination that many disabled people still face on a daily basis”.

“Negative attitudes, language and misconceptions can hold disabled people back in life, everywhere from work to shopping on the high street”.

“It’s time to put a stop to it”.

James – you mate, are a tool.

Think before you speak.

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