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Japan Police Arrest Woman And Her Parents In Beheading Of Man


In a shocking and gruesome incident that has sent shockwaves across Japan, the Japan police arrest woman and her parents in beheading of man at a hotel in the bustling entertainment district of Hokkaido. The tragic event, which has left the nation in disbelief, has raised numerous questions about the motives and circumstances surrounding the heinous crime.

The incident occurred at a hotel in the vibrant entertainment district of Hokkaido, a popular destination known for its lively nightlife and bustling streets. On the night of the incident, hotel staff made a horrifying discovery when they found the decapitated body of a man in one of the hotel rooms.

Man found beheaded inside Japanese ‘love hotel’ in red light district, doctor and family arrested

Following the discovery, the Hokkaido police launched an intensive investigation, focusing on the victim's identity and potential suspects. Through meticulous examination of surveillance footage and witness testimonies, the Japan police arrest woman and her parents in beheading of man.

The victim was beheaded in a hotel room, and between July 1 and July 2, the victim's severed head was moved in the middle of the night, according to Hokkaido police, who are located on Japan's northern main island.

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Runa Tamura, 29, and her father, 59-year-old psychiatrist Osamu Tamura, were detained the day before on suspicion of planning the murder. Since then, the victim's head, identified as Hitoshi Ura, 62, has vanished.

Hiroko Tamura, a 60-year-old part-time employee, was detained by police following a raid on the suspects' home on Tuesday on suspicion of working with her family to transport and keep the head at their residence.

Police did not specifically describe how the father and daughter worked together. Police would not confirm whether the woman and the victim knew one another and are still looking into the motive.

Additionally, the police said that Runa might be a mental patient. According to neighbors who were reported in the media, she has trouble going to school and has been withdrawn since she was a young girl.

As of now, the authorities have not released official statements regarding the motive behind the brutal beheading. The incident has left investigators puzzled, and they are diligently working to uncover any possible connections between the victim and the suspects, as well as any underlying reasons that might have led to the tragic act.

Given the involvement of the woman's parents, the investigators are likely exploring the possibility of familial relationships, financial troubles, or any other potential factors that could have contributed to the crime. However, it is crucial to await the results of the ongoing investigation to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the circumstances surrounding the incident.

The heinous nature of the crime has left a profound impact on Japanese society, as the news of the beheading at a popular entertainment hub has generated fear and concern among both residents and visitors. Hokkaido, known for its vibrant nightlife, will likely experience a period of apprehension and heightened security measures as authorities and businesses strive to ensure the safety of the public.


The beheading of a man at a hotel in the Hokkaido entertainment district has shaken Japan to its core. The Japan police arrest woman and her parents in beheading of man.

As the investigation continues, the nation eagerly awaits answers regarding the motive and circumstances surrounding this tragic event. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of safety measures, mental health awareness, and the need for a just and diligent legal system to bring closure to the victim's family and deliver justice to those responsible for this heinous act.

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