Japanese Minister Says It’s Necessary For Women To Wear High Heels At Work

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, World
Published 06.06.19
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So high heeled shoes are absolutely necessary in the work place, as it turns out.

Bravely putting an end to the entire feminist movement in one fell swoop, Japanese health and labour minister Takumi Nemoto has insisted that high heels are indeed “necessary and appropriate” for women in the workplace.

This comes after a petition was started in Japan to make it illegal for companies to make high heeled shoes mandatory for women at their jobs.

Takumi Nemoto high heels

Nemoto was asked to comment on the movement, when he said to a legislative committee on Wednesday.:

It is socially accepted as something that falls within the realm of being occupationally necessary and appropriate.

The campaign, named #KuToo, is a play on words from the Japanese word “kutsu” (shoes) and “kutsuu” (pain). Along with that, it’s also supposed to reference the #MeToo movement.

high heels workplace campaign

Yumi Ishikawa, an actor and writer, started the campaign and was more or less immediately backed by thousands of men and women alike.

Campaigners say that when job-seeking, companies make it near obligatory for women to wear high heels at all times, which seems utterly bizarre.

I thought most jobs these days were completely abandoning the formalwear front. I basically turn up in my pyjamas here. Pyjamas and high heels. It’s a power look.

necessary high heels work

I’ll tell you what though, as much as I am for women not having to wear high heels, one of my least favourite things in the world to see is people on their commutes wearing full suit, teamed with their f*cking tennis shoes or whatever.

Buy better shoes if yours are uncomfortable. Don’t walk around looking like an absolute tool.

What’s worse is that once they get to the office and put their appropriate shoes on, their feet go under a desk so no-one can even see them unless they get up for a piss. All people see is the sh*tty trainers on the commute.

I hate it. Make that illegal along with wheeled backs under knee height.

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