Jared Leto Was Left “Upset” After Joaquin Phoenix’s ‘Joker’ Film Was Made

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, Film
Published 10.10.19

Jared Leto was not happy with the new DC Joker film starring Joaquin Phoenix, feeling upset, allegedly.

Joker is a film that has gone down pretty well with audiences and pretentious critics alike, with is breaking records for R-rated movie openings worldwide.

The performance from Joaquin Phoenix is being lauded at an Academy Award contender, while Todd Phillips’ writing and directing has provided a haunting take on the comic book movie genre, despite having almost no similarities with its source material.


The announcement of Joker came as a surprise to many people, with it not being long – relatively speaking – after Jared Leto was cast in the same role (in a different film) not long before.

It’s fair to say that Leto’s iteration of the Joker didn’t go down too well with audiences, and while Phoenix plays the character is essentially name only, the film he ended up making seems exactly like the kind of film that Leto would punch his own mother to make.

It’s dripping in art-house style. Jared laps that kind of stuff up.


With that in mind, the actor was apparently not at all happy that Joker happened at all.

While he wasn’t happy with the end product of Suicide Squad, Leto made it clear that he was up for playing the character again in either a sequel or even a standalone movie.

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Alas, when Joker was announced with Joaquin Phoenix, The Hollywood Reporter states that the actor was left feeling “alienated and upset”.

With all of that said, DC have made it abundantly clear since the failure of Justice League that they’re no longer trying to copy Marvel with one big cinematic universe.


That means that’s entirely possible that Jared Leto could return. While he doesn’t appear in the next Bird of Prey Film, his iteration of Joker is there in the form of a body double, breaking up with Harley Quinn.

Very interesting…

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