I’m going to level with you here guys, my Jason Derulo knowledge is pret-ty limited, but I can tell you two things about him.

The first – that he was in Cats. Not the character he played, what he did. Nope – just that he was in the film Cats.

Secondly, I know he has a massive bulge, sometime referred to as an ‘anaconda’.


Because the internet was talking about it a few months back, and yes it’s very much like something a police officer would hit a criminal over the head with.


That’s Derulo in a nutshell.

Anyway, this week the singer must have been feeling particularly bored, as he decided to film himself using a moving drill to eat a corn on the cob, explaining he had “always wanted to try” the “life hack”.

Power tools and eating aren’t often found in the same sentence together, and for good reason, because as it turns out your teeth often end up as the collateral.

In the video, he holds the drill affixed with corn and says: ‘Hey, have y’all seen this? I’ve always wanted to try it. Life hack.’

He proceeded to eat the corn from the rotating drill, before letting out a yelp – and opening his mouth to reveal he’d broken his two front teeth in half.

It’s idiocy of the highest order and it goes without saying that you shouldn’t try this at home.


Yep, power tools will do that.

The star later shared another video of him showing his dental disaster to girlfriend Jena Frumes, lisping: ‘For real, how much do you think it’s gonna fix?

Now, the acting in this is woefully bad, which not only tells me why he was cast in Cats, but that I should also probably be a little sceptical.


I’m always wary about these kinds of videos, and then, lo and behold, I found out that a few weeks back he tried a handstand at the side of the pool and broke one of his front teeth.

So it was a fake tooth. Which means the teeth in this video are also fake. And he’s probably had fake teeth for a while.

Good one, Jase, really got me there.

How many ‘break my teeth’ pranks can you try? It’s a pretty short-lived concept, when, I dunno, after the second time people realise you’ve done it before.

Although what does he care – he’s dating Jesse Lingard’s model ex and has a python in his pants.

The guy’s winning – teeth or not teeth.


Images via TikTok