Jason Momoa Trolls His Fans In Relationships In The Best Way Possible

Michael BurtonMichael Burton in Entertainment, Funny, News
Published 11.03.19
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Jason Momoa is one of the good guys. Not only is he frustratingly handsome and well built, but he just seems like a fun person to be around, with a great sense of humour and a cracking attitude towards his fans and co-stars.

I guess he’s a lot like a more rugged-looking Ryan Reynolds in that sense.

There are some people out there that that you just can’t hate, no matter how hard you try.

But what about when you’re at a convention – somewhere where, as a celeb, you just have to stand around and take photos with hundreds of people? That must get pretty testing.

Of course Momoa has a way to make it fun, especially when a couple approach him, and pictures go exactly as you might expect them to…

Well you can’t really blame anyone involved, can you?

Excellent pictures.

Images via BoredPanda