2020 has been a bizarre year and amidst the global pandemic oddities have occurred but none as shocking as Jedward and former Stone Roses frontman, Ian Brown, having a row.

Jedward shot to fame through X-Factor and the Irish twins have managed to grate some people whilst receiving adoration from others. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the duo has been encouraging members of the public to wear face coverings and follow safety precautions. Many have appreciated the sentiment from the pop act, but it has led to them clashing heads with Ian Brown.

Ian Brown had taken to Twitter to lament being labelled a “Conspiracy Theorist” for being sceptical about the coronavirus and the need for vaccination. Somewhat surprisingly Jedward responded to the singer by labelling his thoughts “illogical.”

The pair added another Tweet, which was slightly kinder to the frontman.

Ian Brown has not responded to Jedward but some of his fans have been angry at the duo, while others have applauded how the two have supported safety precautions during this time. This confrontation comes on the back of a continued effort from the duo to get influencers and celebrities to support the wear of masks.

Jedward has stated:

“To all the other Celebs and so called social influencers! Please get with the times and make your voice heard! Fellow Artists and bands it’s not about charts it’s about being real and being with the people so speak up we are all waiting.”

The duo appears to have a personal stake in keeping people safe and have Tweeted about the health of their mother and with that in mind, this message seems to be coming from a good place. While the comments of Ian Brown do seem to reflect a dive into the conspiracy theory groups of Facebook.

Both parties have their supporters and many would like to see a fight between the three celebrities. However, it seems that Jedward will likely continue to try and emphasise the importance of masks with scientific evidence, while Ian Brown invests in a new copy of 1984.

Here’s hoping that fans of both parties follow guidelines from scientists across the globe.