Jedward has taken to Twitter to call out the practices of The X Factor and the Syco label.

Many will remember Jedward as somewhat of a novelty act on The X Factor. Despite this, the Irish twins managed to have a number of successful songs in their home country.

However, it seems that there were issues behind the scenes.

While the musical act is not releasing music at the same frequency anymore, the duo has used their platform to discuss social issues. This has ranged from COVID measures to racism. The duo has now taken aim at the programme that made them household names.

What have Jedward said?

The musicians detailed, with the help of some explicit language, their experience of The X Factor:

“The biggest regret in life was not telling the judges on X Factor to f*ck off.”

“Every contestant on the X Factor was a slave to the show and got paid zero while they made millions! The fact every contestant has to act like their judge mentors them! When in reality all they care about is their pay check!”

They then went on to give their thoughts about the face of the show, Simon Cowell:

“Simon Cowell thinks he’s the Mafia leader of the music industry when in reality he’s nothing but a bad facelift.”

An industry problem

The duo then took aim at the label owned by Cowell. Jedward discussed the poor contracts and expectations of the Syco label.

They tweeted:

“There’s a reason Syco is called Psycho! One Direction and Little Mix are legally f*cked in contracts and can never speak out so we are.”

“There’s nothing MODEST about their previous management dictating their every move, from relationships to how they live their own lives. Justice for One Direction and Little Mix.”

“Interview Questions are screened beforehand by management to control the narrative! If artists go off the script there’s consequences! most interview final edits are approved by label before being published!”

“Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn, Harry, you’re survivors. This isn’t our story to tell, it’s an insight into how corrupt the music industry is. We’re sending courage and strength to all artists being f*cked over! It ends now.”

These tweets even prompted a response from One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson.

Wider issues in the industry

The comments of Jedward come after other artists have come forward. In fact, fellow X Factor contestants Rebecca Ferguson and Cher Lloyd have discussed their troubling experiences.

Moreover, Ferguson claims that the label ‘exploited’ her and did not pay her for her music.

This issue extends beyond one label. Jedward noted that non-disclosure agreements prevent artists all over the world from speaking out about their treatment.

With this in mind, many will hope that the music industry amends its treatment of its beloved artists.

Jedward appear to be continuing to spread the word about Cowell. 

Image via Alamy