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Jena Malone Nude - Secrets And Pictures You Need To Know


American actress, producer, and singer Jena Malone has a $4 million fortune.

Jena Malone was nominated for a Golden Globe for the 1997 television movie "Hope" and received a Young Artist Award for her 1996 film debut, "Bastard Out of Carolina."

Jena Malone nude first became interested in performing when she was a little girl. Her mother, who was also acting in a village theater, served as an inspiration to her.

Jena and her family relocated to Los Angeles because she wanted to pursue acting.

Jena Malone Personal Life And Relationship

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Jena Malone drinking coffee sitting on a windowsill
Jena Malone drinking coffee sitting on a windowsill

Jenna Malone is a married woman. Ethan De Lorenzo and she dated from 1999 until 2016.

Following their relationship, they got engaged on August 30, 2016. Jena Malone shared a photo of her pregnancy on Instagram. Before she got engaged, she was expecting.

Malone and photographer Ethan DeLorenzo were engaged in August 2016, but their engagement ended in February 2019.

Ode Mountain DeLorenzo Malone was born to Jena and Ethan in May 2016. Malone started dating musician Alex Ebert in 2019.

In April 2022, Jena was driving through Hollywood when she saw a guy beating a tiny puppy.

She rushed out of the vehicle and pursued the offender. Five guys soon joined her in pursuing the animal abuser, and they battered and restrained him until the police arrived to take him into custody.

Jena Malone Net Worth And Salary

You are aware of her fame as an actress. She hasn't played a prominent part in a movie, which is why her net worth is under $4 million. The actress is a self-made woman.

Jena Malone Nude

Jena Malone smiling wearing pink 2 piece bikini
Jena Malone smiling wearing pink 2 piece bikini

Jena Malone is 35 years old. She is American by birth. She weighs 56 kg and is 5.5" tall. Her hair is dark brown, and she has blue eyes.

Jena wears a 32A bra size. Her shoe size is 8 and her whole body measurements are 33-25-35 inches.

Even though Jena is already a gorgeous mother of one, she makes sure to keep up her bikini figure and even flaunts it every time she visits the beach.

On November 21, 1984, Deborah Malone gave birth to Jena Laine Malone in a Nevadan city.

Jena knows her father, but since he wasn't around for her whole upbringing, they weren't very close.

People Also Ask

Why Is Jena Malone Famous In Nevada?

Malone's first major contribution to pop culture was playing the lead part in Bastard Out of Carolina (1996), for which she received the Young Artist Award and which she starred in at the age of only 10. In this film, sex abuse, violence, and child abuse were all discussed.

Is Jena Malone Married?

As of 2019, she has a romantic connection with musician Alex Ebert.

What Race Is Jena?

She inherits her parents' mixed-race heritage from Jena Frumes. Her father has French and African ancestry, while her mother is American.

Jena's mixed-racial heritage is said to be the reason for her gorgeous physical attributes and arresting blue eyes.


The Neon Demon, the Catching Fire sequel to The Hunger Games, is one of her well-known acting roles.

Additionally, she was chosen to play a scientist in the blockbuster movie "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." She was the star of "American Girl."

Jena had to show off her ass and the majority of her boobs in one scene for the purpose of the movie, which required her to play the free-spirited character.

Her most recent film role was in the 2016 film Lovesong, in which she also acted.

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