The Friends reunion has reportedly seen Jennifer Aniston drop a bombshell about her new child.

For many Friends is the ultimate sitcom. The group’s navigation of city life was often hilarious and occasionally pulled on the heartstrings. With that in mind, many were keen to see the cast get back together.

The original reunion was cancelled in 2020 because of COVID-19 restrictions. However, the event managed to go ahead and actress Jenifer Aniston delivered some big news.

Millions of people will be keen to see the reunion regardless of shocking news. Nonetheless, Anniston has given fans an extra reason to watch.

What was said?

An inside source has told Closer, that the Friends reunion prompted Aniston to reveal news about her baby.

The insider stated:

“Jen felt the reunion was the perfect time to make her baby announcement to the whole gang. While the girls already knew – as they see each other regularly – she thought it would be special to tell the boys when they were all together, as she rarely sees them these days due to their busy lives and work commitments.”

“Spending almost every waking hour together for a decade, they lived through every detail of each other’s lives and supported each other through all their hard times including Courteney’s fertility struggles and Jen’s painful divorce from Brad Pitt.”

“Knowing how much they’ve always wanted this for Jen knowing her history, made it even more poignant for her to tell them her news so they could share and celebrate the milestone chapter in her life.”

Safe to say, the cast were delighted by the news.

The insider added:

“They were all overjoyed when she told them – giving her parenting advice, which she said she’d happily take on once she was settled in.”

News about the baby

It has long been reported that Aniston was considering adopting a child. In fact, some reports date back to before she tied the knot with her second husband Justin Theroux. This insider has seemingly confirmed that the adoption process has begun.

Aniston is reportedly adopting a baby girl from a Mexican orphanage called Casa Hogar Sion. The actress has long been a supporter of the orphanage and the paperwork is expected to be finalised in June.

The insider added:

“Jen’s beyond excited to finally get her daughter home and can’t wait to celebrate with six of the people she loves most in the world.”

“This is such an important new chapter in her life and having it fall at such a poignant time career-wise, taking her back to the show that changed her life, makes it all seem like it was meant to be.”

Another reason to watch the reunion!

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