Jennifer Aniston Talks Recent ‘Friends’ Reunion And The Possibility Of A Reboot

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Published 09.10.19

Jennifer Aniston has spoken about the recent mini Friends reunion and her views on rebooting the classic sitcom.

The actor met up with her former co-stars Courtney Cox, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, and Matt LeBlanc this weekend (October 6).


What did Jennifer Aniston say about a Friends reunion?

Speaking about how it came about, Aniston said the reunion was spontaneous. “Schwimmer was in town and we all happened to have a window of time so we all got together,” she explained during an appearance on Howard Stern’s Sirius XM radio show. “[It was] very civilised but we laughed a lot.”

Aniston, 50, said the crew reunited at Courteney Cox‘s house — and while the night was full of jokes and reminiscing, she laughed off Howard Stern‘s question about whether anyone stripped down.

“We went to Courteney’s,” she said. “Nobody got naked, it was very civilized. But we just laughed a lot.”


The star, who played Rachel Green on the show, added that the cast all “miss [the series] every day”, but dismissed the idea of rebooting it.

“I really think there is an idea if there is a reboot of the show, it won’t be even close to as good what it was,” she said. “So why do it? It would ruin it.”

“We all miss it every day,” Aniston said of the show. “I would be nothing without out.”

When asked if there was ever anyone on the cast who got on her nerves, Aniston said, “Not one. [We were] lightning in a bottle.”


Over the weekend, Cox sent Friends fans into a flurry of excitement by posting a selfie with Aniston and LeBlanc, presumably from their dinner.

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A rare night and I love it.

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A rare night and I love it,” she captioned the photo.