Jim Carrey has had a long and successful career in comedic roles and he has now joined the cast of Saturday Night Live to provide a funny impersonation during the build-up to the presidential election.

The impersonation of Donald Trump by Alec Baldwin has been a highlight for many fans of the show in recent years, and a new cast opening has appeared with the 2020 presidential campaign underway. Jim Carrey will impersonate Joe Biden and become a regular Saturday Night Live cast member as the campaign continues and he has taken on the role with his signature style.

The lively Vice President of the United States took on a variety of topics during the sketch that mirrored the highly publicised debate from last week.


While many fans were happy to see a star like Carrey join the sketch and bring some more off-beat humour (as well as Harry Styles) to the show, some felt that the actor played the role too similar to those which made him a household name in the past.



However, the actor also drew plenty of praise from those who enjoy his unique brand of comedy and felt he was the perfect fit for the Joe Biden impersonation.

Carrey is set to continue the role and fans are excited to see how he will continue to impersonate Joe Biden in the future as the campaign inevitably becomes more dramatic.

It will be exciting to see what Carrey does next!


Image via Saturday Night Live, NBC