In her first interview since the domestic abuse case, Lily-Rose Depp has given her opinion on the charges her father faced.

The divorce of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard made headlines. Not only was it a high-profile celebrity break up, but it was also violent. In fact, fans of the actors seemingly took sides as accusations reached the courtroom.

After a year of marriage, Heard and Depp divorced. Heard filed for a restraining order, and after the divorce was finalised she gave the money she received to domestic abuse charities. This led to many critics of Depp.

However, Depp hit back with his own accusations of abuse. Furthermore, the actor also attempted to sue news outlets for defamation. Although the legal efforts to sue for defamation were unsuccessful.

Many have seemed to forgiven Depp as his fans rally behind him. Nonetheless, he did lose roles in the likes of the Fantastic Beasts franchise.

His daughter has now commented on the situation.

What did Lily-Rose Depp say?

Lily-Rose Depp is the daughter of French singer Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp. Lily-Rose has had a successful career in their own right and is promoting her upcoming role in Voyagers.

In the interview with Entertainment Tonight, Depp commented about her father and the situation he is in:

“You can’t be perfect all the time. Nobody’s perfect. Period. I think that’s just the fact of life.”

“But I think a big part of keeping a good head on your shoulders is just having a lot of self-awareness and never feeling like you take yourself too seriously to put your actions back into question.”

The actor added:

“I think it’s always good to have a good self-reflection about the things you’ve done and always thinking about how you could be better.”

Lily-Rose also answered questions about starring with her father again. The two previously starred in the comedy Yoga Horses.

Depp said:

“Never say never.”

“That’s really not something that I consider first and foremost. What’s interesting to me is the particular character that I may or may not be playing and then the story that it’s telling. ‘I think when the cast then starts to fill that story out, those are other things to consider. But yeah, I mean, I love to work with great actors.”

What’s next?

Johnny Depp still has cases in connection to the divorce. Depp is alleging that Heard abused him and the case is set to begin proceedings in 2022. Equally, Heard had launched a case of defamation against Depp.

This appears to be a tense divorce, and many will hope that justice is served while the actors return their focus to their careers.

Do you agree with the comments of Lily-Rose Depp?

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