‘Joker’ Viewers Have Been Walking Out Of The Cinema As It Was “Too Dark” And “Disturbing”

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, Film
Published 07.10.19

People going to see Joker have been leaving the cinema early after being disgusted and disturbed by the dark themes and visuals.

First and foremost, when I say “people”, I of course mean a very small percentage of everyone who went to see Joker, they’re just the ones who took to Twitter to air their complaints.

I mean when was the last time you saw someone tweet: “Went to see Joker. Sat in my seat the whole time. Not once did I feel inclined to leave.” Just doesn’t happen.


Anyway, with that, some people have been genuinely upset by what they saw when they went to watch Joker, with them leaving the cinema in disgust, bemoaning the film for not having a clear “trigger warning”.

It’s no secret that Joker deals with mental health, chronicling a man’s decent into mania as he suffers from acute mental health illnesses, but in some people’s defence, they probably just know the Joker character and assumed this film would follow in previous adaptations’ themes.


Lot of people don’t watch trailers these days, thinking they give away too much about plot and because of that, you get reactions like these ones…


Another person added:

Mental illness is a serious topic…… Horrible, dark movie. We walked out of it. We don’t recommend it. We already live in a sick society, let’s not add to it please!


Meanwhile, a lot of people have been praising the film for what it is; a piece of art that delves into a very serious topic, but have mentioned that if it got into the wrong hands, some people could take it the wrong way, Catcher in the Rye-style…

To me, it sort of feels like Todd Phillips wanted to make a film about a man turned evil and sadistic by mental health, but was goaded into making that man the Joker in order to make it more palatable and monetisable by Warner Bros.

He’s just not the Joker, is he?

But hey, they’re my two pence.

Images via Warner Bros.