‘Jurassic World 3’ Will Bring Back Laura Dern, Sam Neill And Jeff Goldblum

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, Film
Published 25.09.19

Jurassic World 3 is on the way (in just under a year) and it looks like we’re going to get a nostalgia-filled cast.

It’s a controversial view, but in my opinion, every Jurassic Park/World film is as good or bad as each other and the first Jurassic Park film is dangerously overrated.

Just generic Spielberg where he puts a child or two in danger to raise the stakes. Brilliant!


Don’t get me wrong, the practical effects were stunning and far better than most CGI today, but that seems like a win more for the props department rather than the storytelling.

Despite that, 14 years after Jurassic Park 3 was released to pretty much universal hatred, Universal decreed that it had been long enough for the people who didn’t like it to either have bigger things to worry about or die, releasing Jurassic World and hoping the nostalgia would carry it to heights it had no right to be.


And to their credit, it did. Jurassic World did very well, despite a lukewarm reception across the board, and though Jurassic World 2 was terrible, it also made a lot of money.

So of course Jurassic World 3 was bound to happen and as I said, though Jurassic World 2 was pretty rubbish, its ending did excite, teasing a world teeming with dinosaurs, finally giving us the jurassic world we’d been promised for two titles.


With that, it’s understandable that this is now everyone’s problem, and not just whatever Chris Pratt’s character’s called. You’ll also remember in Jurassic World 2 where Jeff Goldblum had a fleeting appearance, where he was seemingly just brought in to say the title of the film without the “two” or “fallen kingdom” bit.

Rather excitingly, it looks like he’ll be back, alongside Jurassic Park costars Laura Dern and Sam Neill as the news was broken on Twitter by Collider…

They announced the news at a screening of the first Jurassic World flick at the ArcLight Cinema in Hollywood this Tuesday.

Trevarrow brought Laura Dern out onto the stage for a question and answer section at the end of the film and the actor confirmed that she and her co-stars will return for the next one.


 We’ll find out on June 11th 2021 how it all shapes up.

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