Justin Bieber unveiled his Croc collection on Tuesday and they quickly sold out, but some entrepreneurial customers are now reselling at a heavily inflated price.

While Crocs may not be the most glamorous footwear brand, the company has collaborated with the likes of KISS and Post Malone. The latest addition to this prestigious list was Justin Bieber who collaborated with the company to design his own version of the shoe which he wears regularly.

The singer teased the collaboration before its arrival and the shoe collection entitled “Crocs X Justin Bieber with drew” made an immediate impression.

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The Crocs went on to sell out immediately and according to Business Insider the stock value of the Croc company ” jumped over 11%” in recent months. It seems that many require Crocs when they are working from home and as a result, there are already resellers for the Bieber collaboration.

The original price of the shoe was $47.81 but there are now listings on sites such as Grailed for up to $140. Some will see this as a cynical move, but there is a keen market for the shoe.

This collaboration appears to be a hit, and it seems that fans of the shoe have enough enthusiasm to pay more than the original listing price.

Who knew Crocs would be back?


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