Justin Bieber has been accused of cultural appropriation for having dreadlocks. It’s not the first time he’s had this hairstyle either.

He’s either a glutton for punishment, or just isn’t learning from the feedback he’s being given.

Once again, he’s being accused of cultural appropriation after showing off his dreadlocks on Instagram.

He had dreadlocks in 2016 and was accused of the same thing, but five years on and he’s decided it’s time for an image change again.

Bieber posted a picture by the pool with his wife, showing off his new hairdo.

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Many of his fans are raving about the new look, but plenty of people are unimpressed.
Traditionally a part of Rastafarianism, dreadlocks are a spiritual symbol. Many argue it is a form of cultural appropriation for the likes of Bieber to wear the style.
Back in 2016 when he was criticised, he posted a video with the caption: “Being weird is fun if u r not weird I don’t like you.”

He’s not the only one to be accused of this. In 2018, Zac Efron was accused of the same thing when he said he had dreadlocks ‘just for fun’.


 One commenter  said: “No dude. Don’t do this. I say this as a white woman who grew up incredibly ignorant in North Dakota and had dreads when I was 19. Don’t. Do. This.”

Another said: “You have been afforded so much privilege and world experiences that should also inform you that dreadlocks on white people is cultural appropriation. It’s really that simple.”

Elsewhere, one wrote: “Ugh, no. We don’t want him to appropriate black culture again”

Some of his fans leapt to his defence: “Y’all know that dreadlocks have been worn by pretty much every culture at some point in history? Spanning from ancient Egyptians whose dreads were found still intact, to Indian Gods, to the Vikings. Not one culture owns dreads, nor braids for that matter. People can do what they want with their hair. Enough already!”

Another was more scathing: “It’s not dreads, babe. it’s damaged, tangled hair that needs to be cut off….”

Also on twitter, one fumed: “This is why white people need to be Re-educated on what NOT TO WEAR OR DO! #JustSaying. Please stop wearing Dreads. It’s never gonna look Good. It’s Cultural Appropriation for a reason.”

“I know justin’s hair isn’t “dreads” but it looks tooooo much like it. I’m tired of his dumbass being culturally insensitive but claiming to be for black lives. you need a f****** find yourself because it’s becoming tragic”

Do you agree he’s in the wrong?

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