Justin Bieber has discussed his marriage as well as the issues that he has faced with drug addiction.

Child-stars often have a difficult time as they grow up. It seems that Justin Bieber is no different, and has discussed his struggles.

The multi-platinum artist emerged in the late 2000s and has a long-lasting career. Nonetheless, he has faced difficulty. The musician sat down with GQ to discuss his career, marriage and outlook on life.

Bieber also noted that he had a serious drug habit that led to security guards checking his pulse at night to ensure he was alive.

What did Bieber say?

The artist noted that he struggled with issues in the past, and his success did not help.

Bieber said:

“It was like I had all this success and it was still like: I’m still sad, and I’m still in pain. And I still have these unresolved issues. And I thought all the success was going to make everything good. And so for me, the drugs were a numbing agent to just continue to get through.”

“But I was also navigating a lot of emotional terrain, which had a lot to do with it. And we like to blame a lot of things on other things. Sometimes… It’s a lot of times just your own stuff”

However, the singer was largely positive about his current situation.

“I have a wife who I adore, who I feel comforted by. I feel safe. I feel like my relationship with God is wonderful. And I have this outpouring of love that I want to be able to share with people, you know?”

“To be honest, I am a lot healthier, and I did have a lot of things going on. I did have mono, and I do have Lyme disease.”
“The first year of marriage was really tough, because there was a lot, going back to the trauma stuff. We’re just creating these moments for us as a couple, as a family, that we’re building these memories. And it’s beautiful that we have that to look forward to.”

Bieber thanks God

The singer restated his faith in God and how it helps him in his marriage.

“Every time we mess up, He’s [God] picking us back up every single time. That’s how I view it. And so it’s like, I made a mistake. I won’t dwell in it. I don’t sit in shame. But it actually makes me want to do better.”

With these words in mind, it seems that Bieber has managed to overcome his issues. Furthermore, it appears that he has built a strong marriage with Hailey Baldwin.

Fans will be pleased to hear about Bieber’s progress!
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