Kayak In Bioluminescent Water In See-Through Boats

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Published 02.10.19

Kayak in bioluminescent water of Florida in a see-through boat.

So, space travel is a little bit far off, Disneyland’s a little bit out of your budget.

That doesn’t mean you have to miss out entirely on experiencing some other-worldly magic, like floating in a see-through kayak in bioluminescent water.

Along Florida’s famous Space Coast, a travel company is offering once-in-a-lifetime tours allowing visitors to enjoy the insane natural phenomenon of bioluminescence.


I know this all sounds a bit too much like James Cameron’s Avatar. You’ve got to admit, though the plot sucked, it was the glowing natural lands which really drew you in. It seems like this experience is the closest thing to Pandora on Earth! The bioluminescent lights up the water below the canoe create a completely alien effect, with a number of comb jellyfish being known to move into the waters later in the season.

kayak in bioluminescent water

The intrepid traveller can have a birds-eye view of the crazy glowing natural phenomenon in the summer months, when the rivers of Florida turn into “liquid light”.


Rather than try and have me, a humble Hook writer, explain the fascinating and complicated sensation, the company has released a handy video below:

The whole thing is entirely interactive! Instead of seeing the phenomenon from afar, the kayaks allow you to move and conduct the lights, as well as potentially come into contact with a friendly manatee or dolphin. Any movement through the water creates a startling and swirling glow, so with the Kennedy Space station being so near, it’ll really feel like you’re on a different planet.


The lights are created from millions upon millions of tiny dinoflagellate plankton, which are little bioluminescent organisms! On top of this, there are also a bunch of glowing jellies, different from jellyfish in that they don’t sting when touch, but instead glow green and blue.

When is the Best Time to Take a Tour?

May through November seems to be the optimum time to book your trip. Best to avoid the full moon however – the darker the night the brighter the light! Early summer is when the bioluminescent algae begins to show. Although, it is the height of summer when it really begins to glow bright.


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The company offers a number of different tours, including some fantastic nature tours.

Spotting one on the website called the “Kayaking Monkey Tour was a real treat. Not offering kayking monkeys though, as you would hope, the tour allows you to see more wildlife in nature than any other experience in the Springs. Also a glass bottom tour, the trip includes chances to spot Rhesus monkeys, alligators, turtles, river otters, and black bears (oh my!).


Another is the terrifyingly, and aptly, named “alligator tour”. The idea of facing up against a fully grown alligator in a tiny kayak might be your cup of tea, but to me sounds just a little bit risky.


Some of the tours even offer an overnight camping experience.

So if you truly want to be part of a magical world outside of Disney, don’t pass up the opportunity to see one of the natural wonders of the area!

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