Keanu Reeves Goes Public With His Girlfriend For The First Time In Decades

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Published 05.11.19

Keanu Reeves has gone public with what looks like his girlfriend for the first time and everyone is dangerously happy for him.

We all love Keanu Reeves – not only because he seems like a great guy – but because his recent career trajectory proves that almost anything is possible.

Let’s be honest, we all thought that Keanu Reeves was done after The Matrix trilogy; appearing in B-movie after B-movie until one day, he decided to star in John Wick and everything changed.


keanu reeves girlfriend

Teamed with the fact that he’s just a wonderful guy, the uptake in great films he’s appeared in have made Keanu a household name again, and now people are even happier for him as it looks like he’s found love!

The culprit appears to be artist Alexandra Grant, who was seen hand-in-hand with the actor on the red carpet at the LACMA Art + Film Gala Presented By Gucci in Los Angeles this weekend.


Prior to this, Reeves had been pretty tight-lipped about his love-life and even said that he was pretty lonely at one point, but this is the first sign that the 55-year-old actor has found love.

People are pretty ecstatic as he posed for pictures, hand-in-hand with 46-year-old Grant, taking to Twitter with their loves for the couple…



If you’re wondering exactly why so many people are so happy for Keanu, it’s because he’s been through some pretty awful times on the run-up to this moment.

In 1999, he and his girlfriend Jennifer Syme sadly lost their baby in the last stages of her pregnancy, and even more devastatingly after that, Syme passed away 18 months later die to a car accident.

Good on you Keanu. We love you.

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