Keanu Reeves Responds After Finding Out He’s The Internet’s Boyfriend

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Published 13.06.19

Keanu Reeves is widely accepted as the internet’s boyfriend and he’s finally accepted that.

Keanu Reeves has seen a career renaissance almost second to none. Other than Michael Keaton and maybe Winston Churchill after he got reelected, I genuinely can’t think of any contenders.

A while back he was really just known as the guy from The Matrix and a load action B-movies, but now he’s known for just about everything, probably thanks to John Wick.

keanu reeves john wick

With John Wick 3 out now, people loving him in Always be my MaybeToy Story 4 on its way and Bill and Ted coming back, he’s the man in demand, and he’s also going to be in the Cyberpunk 2077 video game.

He’s also crazy respectful, with people noticing that he doesn’t take any chances with touching women in photographs – low bar for being seen as a good guy there – and employs the fabled hover-hand.

keanu reeves internet boyfriend

Speaking to ET about his mercurial comeback, Reeves said:

It’s been really nice and special for me. Just how well the John Wick film was received and then also recently with Always Be My Maybe and then being connected with CD Projekt Red.

I’ve just had the chance to be working with really cool people and be a part of really cool projects. And so to be here with Toy Story 4 is a lot of fun.

It’s nice when it’s nice.

After that, when talking to EW, the publication through the revelation that he was the “internet’s boyfriend” at him, and his response was classic lovable Keanu:

I’ve been what? I didn’t know that… That’s wacky. The positivity is great. It’s really special how [Always Be My Maybe and John Wick 3] have been embraced.”

God he’s brilliant. But there’s so much we don’t know about him.

Why doesn’t Keanu Reeves age? Honestly I don’t know; good genes? Is Keanu Reeves immortal? Yeah probably.

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