Kevin The Carrot Toys Cause Fights In Aldi As Angry Customers Use ‘Trolleys As Weapons’

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Published 28.11.19

Kevin the Carrot has been causing fights all over the UK as shoppers desperately try to get their hands on the plush toys released by Aldi.

My niece wants something called a Jellycat Amusable from me this Christmas. The one she’s after is the avocado; it is what it says really, an amusing avocado with a face, but I really struggled to find somewhere where they were in stock.

Like Kevin the Carrot, It’s a vegetable (fruit???) with a face. In what would is that a popular gift? This one, apparently, with Aldi proving that point exponentially.


Basically, the Kevin the Carrot toys have gone on sale, leading to fights breaking out all over the country, as the supply apparently doesn’t meet the demand.

Similar to when a new Apple product goes on sale, people have been queueing outside the supermarkets since the early hours of the morning, prepared for what Aldi dubbed ‘Orange Thursday’.

Taking to Twitter, people shared their tales of the supermarket and the hoards of shoppers…

One person said:

I just saw a woman clutching a 3ft long stuffed carrot leaving Aldi and thought it can’t be true. Then inside there were a dozen people fighting over more of them. The world has gone mad.”


kevin the carrot toys

While another added:

Well that was an experience, adults pushing and shoving for plush toys. I got a sprout and tomato though, after queuing since 6.30am

More people took to Twitter with videos of their morning hardships, somehow not suffering from crippling embarrassment in the process…



Why don’t any of these people have jobs?


The thing is, they’re not even good toys.

I suppose the sprouts and tomatoes are somewhat charming, but in the adverts, Kevin’s a dick. He’s so full of himself and despite being dangerously inept in almost every walk of life, he somehow manages to land on his feet in every situation.

He’s like Paddy McGuinness, but dresses like Adam Ant. I hate that little carrot.

The best tweet was from Heidi Middleton, who wrote:

No chance of mi getting the sprouts or tomatoes there were beasts of woman knocking people out of the way for them! By the time I fought my way to the Front they were all gone.”

The true meaning of Christmas, eh?

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