Fresh off their chicken nugget burger and vegan chicken burger, KFC has announced it’s adding creamy mash and two sides to its menu.

Hey it’s me again, The Hook’s resident KFC writer!

I’ve written KFC articles for three days straight and I’m showing no signs of slowing down, baby! Those premium poultry purveyors just keep on coming up with the goods and I’m not not going to write about them. You guys want to hear about it, don’t you?!

Please tell me you do and this isn’t just a monumental waste of time.


Fresh off announcing their secret chicken nugget burger ‘The Nug-A-Lot’ and their vegan chicken burger ‘The Imposter’,The Colonel’s finest are bringing the normally titled ‘mashed potato’ to its UK menus.


Why they’ve never done it is beyond me; mashed potato is as quintessentially British as London buses and Stephen Fry.

And not only that, it’s the best way to do potatoes. It goes: mash, hash browns, röstis, roast potatoes, chips, potato croquettes jacket potatoes, new potatoes and the disgustingly sickly dauphinois.


If I’ve missed any of the list I’m sorry. I feel like an actor doing an acceptance speech and forgetting to thank someone.


Anyway, KFC’s ‘delicious creamy mash is made with real potato, providing a lower calorie carb option’, and will set you back 99p for a regular pot for £1.69 for the large. Obviously you’re going for the large.

Providing a ‘lower calorie carb option’, a portion of new KFC mash has 110 calories and 2.5g fat, compared to a regular portion of fries, which have 250 calories and 11g fat.

One happy customer said: “Only 8:36am and my day is already made because KFC has now added mash on the menu.


Another wrote: “As if KFC has started selling mash. Do you know how long I’ve waited for this?”


A third added: “KFC mash potato is a game changer.”

The fried chicken chain has also launched two new sides: Southern rice, which KFC describes as ‘mildly spicy colourful rice with veggies, providing a delicious lower calorie carb option’, and a garden salad, which is a ‘fresh and crunchy garden salad with sweetcorn, tomatoes and buttermilk dressing, that also provides one of your 5 a day’.


To be honest they look pretty shocking and if you’re going to KFC for health/salads you need to have a word with yourself.


But that’s not all, folks!

The fast-food chain has slashed the price of its hot wings bucket, selling a whopping 20 chicken wings for just £5.99.

“Grab 20 of our best Hot Wings for a full on fiery feast,” the website says, although the deal is only at participating restaurants, is subject to availability and is only running until 14th July.


Right, I’m all KFC’d out now.

All this time I’ve been promoting them – for no financial gain might I add – I think it’s finally time I get one.

In fact, I should really get a freebie given how much I’ve been pushing them.


Sort me out.

Images via KFC


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Is KFC selling mash potato?

Yes – in the UK and Ireland creamy mash is available as a side in all participating KFC restaurants with two side, southern rice and a garden salad

What is on the KFC menu?

A new secret chicken nugget burger called The Nug-A-Lot and a vegan chicken burger The Imposter

Are KFC selling discount hot wings?

Yes, KFC is selling a whopping 20 chicken wings for just £5.99.