KFC Have Launched A Giant “Popcorn Chicken Slab”

Max JenkinsMax Jenkins in News, World
Published 10.10.19

KFC’s quest to be the most pioneering fast food outlet seems to get better and better, as the new popcorn chicken special looks absolutely fantastic.

How much is it?

Retailing at $9.95, the ‘Popcorn Chicken Slab’ really isn’t as morbid as it sounds (unless, of course, you have high cholesterol anyway) and is loaded with fan-favourite popcorn chicken, wedged between six of the soft rolls and dripping with tasty cheese and barbecue sauce.


You can add any two sides for $5.95, but why bother when the main is just so good?

Like many specials, this one is designed for sharing. But let’s face it, we’re all a bit of a Joey Tribbiani when it comes to sharing food. Diners can order a slab as part of the ‘combo for two’ meal deal for $15.95, which includes two regular chips and drinks, or upgrade to a ‘feast’ for $29.95, which comes complete with six tenders, six Original Recipe chicken pieces, and two large bags o’ chips.

KFC popcorn chicken slab

Where can I buy it?

Only problem, of course, is that so far it’s only retailing in Australia. For now.


Because we now live in Black Mirror and everything has to be done through the medium of our phones, if you want to get your hands on the slab, you must order the item on the KFC app under the ‘New Products’ tab before you can pick it up in-store.

Despite the whole of Australia appearing to be blessed with this divine invention sent down from Colonel Sanders in the clouds, in reality only nine restaurants within the Ballarat region in the Central Highlands of Victoria are selling this stuff, so I imagine there’ll be gridlock all over the state so that folks can get a glimpse of the miracle.

kfc popcorn chicken slab

A KFC spokesperson said: ‘We’re always looking for new ways to delight fans of the Colonel’s finest, and we’re excited to bring new and innovative menu items to our restaurants.

‘Our latest creation – the Popcorn Chicken Slab – is being put to the test and is currently available in nine restaurants within the Ballarat area. 

‘Stay tuned to see if the Popcorn Chicken Slab makes it to KFC menus nationwide.’


This comes only days after KFC Australia released its $8.95 ‘Hot or Not’ burger via its secret menu.

Yes, a secret menu. So secret that it can only be accessed through the medium of parseltongue and a blood sacrifice.

The ‘Hot or Not’ comes complete with a Zinger fillet, an Original Recipe fillet, a ‘fiery supercharged’ sauce, mayonnaise, cheese, bacon and lettuce.

Although it’s described as the ‘burger that’s the perfect middle ground for fence-sitters who can’t handle the heat’, it sounds pretty hot to me. Again, customers can only get the item through the KFC app.

The exact description reads: ‘We ask you what’s better than a Zinger fillet? Well we’ve cracked it… in one tasty burger.

‘This one’s for you if you wanna spice things up a bit … but only a bit. You’ve got a Zinger fillet and fiery supercharged sauce on one hand.

‘And an Original Recipe fillet with mayo to balance it out. You get the idea. Plus cheese, bacon and fresh lettuce to top it all off.’


It appears that this ‘secret menu’ is not so much a case of Charlie Wonka, where rival outlets are trying to uncover the mystery ingredient that makes it all taste so good. As a spokesperson said earlier this year: ‘It’s a secret menu for a reason, so we encourage Aussies to download the KFC app and get scouring.

‘There’s a bunch of clues hidden in the website, app and on Facebook which will help uncover these never seen before KFC products.

‘The Colonel has more to reveal in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled.’

The KFC Secret Menu will be continue in Australia for the remainder of 2019 with no disclosed dates for the UK. Anyone checked to see if the Australian immigration site’s crashed yet?

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