KFC Is Now Selling Bags Of Fried Chicken Skins

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, World
Published 31.05.19
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Bags of KFC chicken skins may be the best news of the decade.

Let’s be honest , no-one goes to KFC for the C; they go there for the S, which isn’t in the name but is sort of implicit in the C. They certainly don’t go there for the other type of C they have there.

No, if you want good C, you have to go to McDonald’s, buy some C and then go to KFC to buy the other type of C but only so you can enjoy the S that’s on it.

With that in mind, it’s pretty stellar news that KFC have started selling bags of fried chicken skins, but rather infuriatingly, only in Indonesia so far.

I’m sure if they’re popular enough – which they will be – then they’ll make the journey over here, but still…

Previously KFC sold the same product in Philippines under the name ‘Cracklings’ so you know, it could happen here. I really hope it does happen here.

With that said, I know KFC tried selling grilled chicken but that didn’t really take; what are they doing with all of the chicken that they… peeled (???) to make these? I do hope they’re not just throwing the rest away. That would be a terrible waste.

Can’t wait until Rick and Morty season 12 where Rick asks for the fried chicken skins that KFC used to and then all of their toxic fanbase go crazy and start tearing up the restaurants until they can have them back.


Good times to come.

Images via KFC, Getty

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