KFC’s Famous Bottles Of Supercharger Sauce Are Finally Coming To The UK

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Published 11.07.19

KFC’s Supercharger sauce is coming to the UK and if that’s not good news then I don’t know what is. You may as well leave.

They love an announcement don’t they, KFC? Constantly announcing stuff. Letting us know “things”.

Most recently it was their vegan burger which for some reason made as lot of people angry – if you don’t like it, don’t eat it? – and now it’s a sauce.


The good news just keeps rolling in.

Currently only available in a few burgers and wraps, KFC’s Supercharger sauce is a bit of a fan favourite and already in the US, you can pick up a bottle from your local supermarché if and when you want.

Here in the UK and Ireland though (yeah I’m currently in two countries at once), you only get a bite of the cherry when it’s applied sparingly to your sandwich. Not fair.


Well things are balancing out now since KFC are bringing bottles of the stuff to stores on our shores for the price of four… pounds. £4.

The spicy mayo-esque sauce will be available in one litre bottles from the 15th of July, as announced by KFC themselves…


It’s a limited while stocks last kind of deal though, so while you can get as many bottles as you like, you can only do that if there are any left and it’s before the 11th of August.

KFC said in a statement:

For a while now fans have only been able to get a small taste of our spicy mayo in our infamous burgers and flamin’ wraps.

But we know, just how much our supercharger sauce is loved up and down the country and are excited to share our supersized edition of our legendary sauce.


Listen though, I’m a very powerful man. People know me. What I’m trying to say is that KFC sent me a bottle of the sauce. Here it is with a bear we keep in the office for some reason.

kfc supercharger sauce

They actually sent it to the company. My name wasn’t mentioned even once.

Good sauce though. Lovely sauce.

Images via KFC, Josh (I assume?)

When can I get KFC supercharger sauce?

You can get KFC’s supercharger sauce – which is basically just a chipotle mayo – in the UK and Ireland from 15th July