A new trend is going around Spain this summer that is arguably worse than licking newly opened, supermarket ice cream. Kids are pooing in public swimming pools and water parks.

This awful new challenge is called ‘hacer caca’ – literally ‘to poo’ in Spanish – and encourages kids to poo either directly in the pool, or even into a bag which is thrown into the pool. If you’re into it, they even post these videos online!


So far, the challenge has had to close Segóbriga Park in Valencia twice in the space of a week in order to clean and disinfect the pools after what they call a ‘deliberate act’. They even found two poos within the space of an hour of each other!

After the first incident, the park said: “For causes beyond the direction of the Segóbriga Park and for a reason of hygiene and health caused by an incident, the complex has been forced to close during the morning of Wednesday, 24 July and must remain closed until Thursday 25 until 2pm.”

After the second incident, they said: “The City Council of Segorbe has been forced to close again the pool of Segóbriga park to perform tasks of disinfection of the waters, until tomorrow about 2pm.”


“We appeal to the civility of the people who make use of the facilities of Segóbriga park so that these kinds of actions do not harm the Segorbinos and the tourists who visit us, and we appeal to [visitors’] respect to ensure the good image of the tourism of Segorbe.”

The paper said staff at the water park were left reeling, saying ‘nothing like it had happened for 19 years’.

Meanwhile the municipal swimming pool of Massanassa was closed for four days after human poo was spotted floating in the water.

In a statement, a spokesperson said: “We do not know if it is due to the incontinence of minors or a hooligan. But when it happens, we have to evacuate, subject the water to an antibacterial treatment for an hour and only then can swimming resume.”


While faecal matter can be found in all public pools, we haven’t seen anything like this before, and hopefully won’t have to! So, if you’re on your way to Spain on holiday this summer, maybe give the pool a miss this year…

What on earth is the next viral trend going to be?

I don’t even want to know.

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