Kids Can Get Messages From Santa Via Alexa This Year

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Published 30.11.19

Kids can get exciting messages from Santa Claus via Alexa this Christmas

Switch Alexa for Santa this Christmas!


The most wonderful time of the year is almost upon us and to celebrate Amazon’s Alexa has teamed up with bloomin’ Santa Claus. Anyone who owns an Alexa device can now receive messages from Santa every day in the lead-up to Christmas Day through the device.

No more 3-hour waits at the Grottos, parents. F*ck it, just buy a cheap present yourself, give it to them and then ask Alexa to put you in touch with the big guy.

Santa Claus

Alexa: “Would you like to hear an update from my good friend Santa?”

If you own one of Amazon’s Alexa devices, just ask Alexa how many days until Christmas and she’ll respond with:

“Would you like to hear an update from my good friend Santa?”


Say yes, obvs, and you and the little ones will be magically put through to Father Christmas who will have a very special Christmas message for you. Santa’s reportedly been telling Alexa households how much he enjoys cooking mince pies and how much his elves love singing “the mince pie song”.

Amazon Alexa



“Receive a message from Santa”

More and more families are hearing about Alexa and Santa’s new friendship after a mum posted about it on the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK. She wrote:

“One for the kids – ask Alexa how many days are left until Christmas and you will get asked if you want to receive a message from Santa.

“Something fun for the kids to get excited about.”


My younger anxious self would’ve welcomed this Christmas treat

Santa giving a kid a present

I remember being absolutely f*cking terrified of Santa’s Grottos when I was younger. I don’t even think ‘terrified’ is a strong enough word, actually; I genuinely would have preferred to go without presents for Christmas than sit on that man’s lap and lie about how good I’ve been all year – but hey, at least Mum always got a lovely picture for the mantlepiece *eye roll*.


I had very active imagination so it took me a long time to deal with character interactions. I was equally as hysterical at Disneyland Paris. Princess Jasmine once sat down next to us at a character breakfast and I hid under the table, ran to the toilets and sh*t my pants on route.

It’s safe to say that being able to chat to Santa via a piece of AI would’ve been far more Ben-friendly a couple of decades ago. Oh, well, at least anxious kids like me have that option now in 2019. 


You can learn more about chatting to Santa via Alexa on Amazon’s website.

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