Killing Eve Series 2 Is Coming To The UK In June

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in Entertainment, TV
Published 15.05.19

The first series of BBC drama Killing Eve went down a storm when it landed last year, but sadly UK fans have had to wait an eternity for season 2.

Naturally, and for reasons still unknown, America got the series in April, meaning they’ve been enjoying weekly episodes of the espionage thriller while we’ve been left to twiddle our thumbs.


But that wait is seemingly over, as reports from a UK screening of series 2’s opening episodes have claimed it will arrive on our shores this June.


The trailer dropped back in February, showing how events will pick up exactly 36 seconds after the dramatic finale to season one when we we saw Villanelle being ordered to target her handler Konstantin and shooting him, with Carolyn subsequently being fired from MI6.

Eve and Villanelle finally had their long-awaited showdown after she tracks the assassin down to her Paris apartment – where the pair reveal how obsessed they really are with each other before Villanelle is stabbed by Eve, leaving us reeling as to whether she she’s survived or not.


In the trailer, we see Eve telling someone (likely Carolyn), “I think I might have killed her,” before it’s confirmed that Villanelle is very much alive and well.

I say well, she’s still got a load of wounds. Not that they’ve deterred in any way, she’s still up to her old tricks while looking bloody good doing it.

We then see her getting out of a hospital bed before walking down a quiet suburban street clutching the side where Eve stabbed her.


Scenes then include her looking around for a kitchen knife before saying to someone off-camera, “to stab you with.”

As I say, the show has proven to be immensely popular, with 26 year-old and surprise Scouser Jodie Comer picking up a BAFTA TV award on Sunday for her performance as Villenelle.

According to the Evening Standard, she said: 

“Growing up, me and my dad would always like, if there was an advert on the TV with a silly voice on, we’d always impersonate it around the house just joking around, and I think through doing that I’ve now got an ear for it.

“I mean, some are a lot harder than others, don’t get me wrong, and you have to concentrate and work (on them).


“But for me it helps me because when I’m doing my own accent I find it harder to separate myself from the character, for some reason, I don’t know why.

“But you also don’t see a lot of Scousers on the telly so maybe we need to change that up a little bit.”

And there’s good news for fans awaiting season 2 of the series; it’ll arrive as a boxset on iPlayer, meaning you can binge it to your heart’s content.


However, we’re still in the dark about when it’ll be dropping in June, but sit tight because I imagine the BBC will be announcing it any day now.

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