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Kim Kardashian Brings Hair And Make-up Team For Her Driver’s License Picture


Kim Kardashian brings hair and make-up team for her driver’s license picturetaken at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Kim Kardashian arrived at the DMV accompanied by her professional hair and make-up team. This suggests that she wanted to ensure that she looked her best for the official photo on her driver's license.

This highlights the fact that Kim Kardashian's commitment to looking flawless extends even to mundane tasks like getting a driver's license.

Kim Kardashian brings hair and make-up team for her driver’s license picture. Kim Kardashian not only brought her hair and make-up team but also her own lighting crew to the DMV.

This demonstrates her dedication to achieving the perfect lighting for her driver's license photo. The article mentions that her lighting team set up professional-grade equipment to create a flattering and well-lit environment for the photo.

The Kardashians episode saw the mother of four going to the DMV with makeup artist Ariel Tejada and hairstylist Chris Appleton.

Kardashian was dressed for the occasion in $450 Balenciaga pedicure flip-flops, a sleeveless black mock-neck blouse, and an oversized varsity jacket. At one point, the reality star got into an argument about her height, claiming she was 'half an inch' taller than her legal height of 5'3.

She also debated whether or not to include 'West' in her name when filling out a document, eventually abandoning it and sticking with Kardashian. When it came time for her license picture, Kardashian worked her magic and effortlessly managed to acquire some outstanding shots.

Kim Kardashian's driver’s license picture
Kim Kardashian's driver’s license picture

Kim Kardashian's decision to bring her hair and make-up team, as well as her own lighting equipment, to the DMV for her driver's license photo has attracted attention due to the extravagance and meticulousness involved. It reflects her commitment to maintaining her public image and the lengths she is willing to go to ensure that she always looks her best.

It's worth noting that Kim Kardashian is a prominent figure in the entertainmentindustry and often in the public eye. As a celebrity, she is frequently photographed and scrutinized for her appearance.

Given her high profile and the media attention surrounding her, it is not entirely surprising that she would take extra measures to ensure that even her driver's license photo meets her standards.


Kim Kardashian brings hair and make-up team for her driver’s license picture. This showcases her dedication to maintaining her image and the level of attention to detail she applies to her everyday life.

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