Kinder Bueno Ice Creams Are Now Available In The UK And They Look Amazing

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Published 11.02.19
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It’s a tough question to answer, but if you went into a shop and could only choose one bar of chocolate (bags like Maltesers and Minstrels still count) what would it be?

After much deliberation and thought I’d have to say Snickers.

That chewy mix of nougat topped with caramel, peanuts and milk chocolate – oh wow, just thinking about it makes a boy like me hungry!

However, after a quick scan around the Hook office, there was a surprising amount of votes for the significantly less heavy Kinda Bueno, which is lucky because KB ice cream is now available in the UK.


Like nearly ever American cereal, it’s been difficult to get your hands on this elusive combo for some time now, as they’ve previously only been sold in France.

They’ve finally been spotted on our shores though, and they cater to all Kinder lovers’ needs: there’s Kinder Bueno cones, Kinder Ice Cream sandwiches and Kinder Ice Cream sticks in multi packs.

What more could you possibly want? No seriously, tell me.

The Bueno cones are made with creamy hazelnut ice cream, topped with a hazelnut disk and chocolate pieces. Inside the centre of the ice cream there’s milk chocolate sauce.

If that’s not your thing then the other two options might be more attractive: the Kinder Ice Cream sticks are a milk ice cream stick coated with milk chocolate and the Kinder Ice Cream Sandwich is made with milk ice cream, nestled between two biscuits.

According to Instafoodietwins, they cost £4 at Asda or they are currently available on Ocado for £3.50.

Here’s hoping the other UK supermarkets jump on this trend and get these bad boys stocked ASAP.

It’s almost like people have never thought to add ice cream to chocolate. Clearly it’s a winning combo.

Also recognising this is Cadbury, who have just released Double Decker ice cream.

A photo of the tub was posted to Instagram account @kevssnackreviews – a hero of a man – with the caption: New Cadbury Double Decker Ice Cream with chewy nougat core £3 at Asda.”

Ice cream really is the John O’Shea of the confectionery world.

That’s for all my football heads.

Images via @kevssnackreviews/@instafoodietwins/@newfoodsuk

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