KitKat Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Have Arrived In The UK For A Limited Time Only

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Published 23.08.19

Krispy Kreme has built up a stellar reputation over the years and not just for its doughnuts…

I’m talking about the huge debate surrounding the pronunciation of the world class brand.. is it ‘cream’ or ‘kreme’ (You know the difference).

I’m a ‘kreme’ kinda’ gal I think.

Never-mind that though – it’s a topic for another coffee date conversation.


Getting back to business, we now have the collab of doughnut and chocolate that we’ve only seen in our dreams – Krispy Kreme and KITKAT!

If I’m being totally honest, I regard KitKat as an underrated snack… it just has the perfect ratio of chocolate to wafer.

And this new hybrid is enough to make anyone dribble or cheat their diets…(I’m aiming that one at myself).


The tasty new doughnut creation will see a classic Krispy Kreme glazed original, either dipped in white or milk chocolate, with a sprinkle of KitKat wafer and chocolate filling, completed with a mini KitKat on the top. Amazing, just outstanding. 10/10.

Where can I get Krispy Kreme KitKat doughnuts?

The delectable doughnuts will be available in stores from Monday 24th August (a perfect bank holiday treat) at £1.90 a doughnut.

Some of the Drive-Thru Krispy Kreme stores are even having launch parties at midnight on Sunday! (Now that’s a great place to work on a Bank Holiday).


The first customer that hits the Drive Thru at midnight will receive a super-sized box of the new doughnuts shaped like a classic KitKat. The following 11 will received a complimentary limited edition box of a dozen doughnuts.

Stores participating are Bristol, Edinburgh, Enfield, Gateshead, Leeds, Manchester, Peterborough and Shannon Corner.


The upcoming launch of this delicious hybrid saw both brands bantering via social media and it was extremely amusing.

KitKat first challenged Krispy Kreme to a noughts and crosses match (noughts being the doughnuts, crosses being the KitKat sticks – keep up!) then Krispy Kreme shared a video attempting to stick a glazed original into a KitKat branded mug of hot chocolate.

(This is amazing).


They also communicated through a comical email exchange. Take a look.

And even did some teaser ad’s..


A truly excellent way to reveal a collaboration.

If you’re lucky enough to get to a Drive Thru store then I hope you feel the wrath of my jealousy.

If not, then hurry to stores and try one over the weekend…they’re only available until October 13th!

Images via Twitter/Krispy Kreme