Kopparberg Has Released Its Own Mixed Fruit Flavoured Gins

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, UK
Published 31.05.19
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Kopparberg has some new gin out and yum yum yum.

You know, over that five day weekend we had in the UK last month, I think I single-handedly kept the lights on in the Gordon’s distillery.

It got to the point where the man who worked in the Tesco below the flat looked me dead in the eye and said “you like too much” when I asked for my fifth litre bottle of the weekend from behind the counter. To be fair, I was sharing it with a friend but also, he is right. I do like it too much.

Cleverly, I went to a different shop for my sixth bottle where there was little-to-no judgement and since then I’ve been to Spain so I could get a £6 bottle from the Gibraltar airport duty free. I won, Tesco man.

I like gin and I’m always happy to drink and write about gin and with that in mind, here’s a story about some more gin.


This gin comes from Kopparberg – the people who make really sweet fruit ciders for 12-year-olds, women who have “Live Love Laugh” in their houses and my friend Billy – and so it’s not surprise that this gin is fruit-flavoured.

Strawberry and lime was already released earlier this month, but now Kopparberg have upped the game with a mixed fruit flavour.


The same flavour can be found in one of their ciders, and has proved immensely popular in that field, so why not branch out to the gin market? I am dubious of non-English gin in the same way that I wouldn’t expect to get a good lager made in England, but stranger things have happened.

Not sure anyone could have predicted the prestige of Japanese whisky.

Kopparberg say that the gin is best served over ice with lemonade and fresh berries, or with tonic and cucumber and/or basil which sounds odd. Mind you, I once had a basil enthused beer from Badger – the brewery down in Dorset – and it was gorgeous.

You’ll be able to get your Kopparberg gin in ASDAs across the country for £22 (70cl) from the 4th of June, with Head of Marketing at Kopparberg, Rob Salvesen, saying:

Mixed Fruit came as the next obvious choice as it is our second most-loved fruit cider flavour, and we wanted to offer gin-lovers more than just one option when it came to choosing a pink gin.”


In the meantime, watch this woman make the strongest and most awful Old Fashioned you’ve ever seen…

Images via Kopparberg, Getty

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