Kopparberg Is Launching Strawberry And Lime Pink Gin Just In Time For Summer

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Published 08.05.19

Kopparberg have released a strawberry and lime gin just in time for summer and it looks delicious.

Kopparberg really is the taste of summer.

I’m not a keen cider drinker, but like many other people I imagine, I usually make an exception for the Swedish export. It’s like the cider choice for people who don’t like cider, although I have admittedly gone off it in recent years.

A while back, I was living it up at Notting Hill carnival and drank so much of it I spent a good ten minutes heaving up over a load of bins. People were disgusted, pictures did the rounds on social media, and until just now I had managed to forget all about it.


So yes, I haven’t touched the stuff for a while, but now they’ve got a strawberry and lime flavoured gin out it looks like I’m back in the game, baby!

Distilled for pink gin enthusiasts, the drink is infused with the flavours that made Kopparberg famous – strawberry and lime flavours as well as bold juniper, refreshing lemon zest and herby coriander botanicals.


But beware – mainly talking to myself here – because the rose-tinted tipple is much stronger than its cider counterpart, coming with an ABV of 37.5 per cent, compared to only 4 per cent in the cider.


We are extremely excited to be bringing our new Premium Gin to the UK,” said Kopparbeg’s Rob Salvesen of the new gin launch, adding: “Kopparberg is famous for flavour and we’ve worked hard to create a pink gin in the iconic Kopparberg flavour of strawberry and lime, that we know the nation loves.”

He continued: “We look forward to seeing pink gin fans across the country spend many sunsets making memories with friends this summer with a glass of Kopparberg Premium Gin.”

The drink is already available at more than 700 Greene King pubs across the UK, and will also be rolled out at a number of supermarkets on Wednesday, May 22nd – including Asda and Morrisons.

You can catch it on the festival circuit too; it will be available at We Are FSTVL (24th – 26th May); Strawberries & Creem (15th June); and Made (27th July).


Calum Cameron, senior category manager at Greene King, said: “We’re very excited to be exclusively launching Kopparberg’s first UK gin in our pubs. Kopparberg are known for their array of different flavoured drinks and this one is no exception.”

A bottle will cost around £22 – so not bad really.

I’m almost embarrassed to admit but sometimes beer in the summer is just too much – I need something a little lighter, something more fruity on the palette.

I’m going to get back on the Kopparberg horse – wish me luck.

Images via Kopparberg/Getty