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Kristen Stewart As Princess Diana Leaves Royal Fans Baffled


Ahead of a new film, the first photograph showcasing Kristen Stewart's transition into Princess Diana has been released.

Stewart, 30, will portray the late Princess of Wales in the title role of the upcoming biopic Spencer on her life. The early 1990s divorce between Diana and Charles, the Prince of Wales, will be the main topic of the movie.

Despite conflicting reactions to her hiring at first, the actress, best known for her performances as Bella in the Twilight series, has stunned fans with how much she looks like the monarch.

IMDb says:

Here's a first look at Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana in #Spencer, Pablo Larraín's imagining of the weekend Princess Diana decides to leave her marriage to Prince Charles.

Many The Crown fans thought that Emma Corrin, a rising star actor, was the ideal choice for the role of Princess Diana in the popular Netflixseries The Crown.

Corrin still bears an unmistakable resemblance to her even when she isn't portraying the People's Princess, with a dark blonde bob and a sophisticated, polished appearance.

She also has a naturally modest appearance, which contrasts sharply with Kristen's entire demeanor.

The Hollywood actress is known for her unconventional appearance and lackadaisical demeanor. She often wears heavy, dark makeup and has dark hair trimmed into shorter, androgynous styles.

So you can imagine royal aficionados' astonishment when the image, which was circulated widely on Twitter, was taken on the set of the expensive movie in Germany, where they began production earlier this month.

Many people had to look twice to confirm that it was Princess Diana herself. One person said, “Didn’t understand it was K at first I really thought it was Diana!”

Another said: “Omg, I didn’t recognise her at all! She looks so like Diana!”,with someone replying“I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought this! I wasn’t sure who it really was in the photo at first”.

It's impossible to ignore the startling likeness, which took the wardrobe, makeup, and hair teams countless hours to create.

Kaitlyn Red Wing says, "Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana is breathtaking and for a moment I actually thought it was Diana. The resemblance here is uncanny."

Not everyone is, however, as enthusiastic, with several expressing worries that the American actress probably won't be able to pull off the royal's Received Pronunciation accent.

One skeptic said, “She looks spot on! However, the accent will probably be butchered.”

“Not looking forward to the attempt at an English accent. Most actors cannot grasp it and it’s painful”, according to one.

“Wow but can she talk like Diana,”another admirer chimed in.

The anti-K-Stew camp, who merely did not want to see the actress portraying their beloved Diana, however, also flooded the comments section.

“I’m just not confident she will mirror Diana’s warmth or grace. She can barely act as it is, with less daunting material,”one person added.

Another vicious tweeter continued, “Kristen Stewart has the power to destroy every movie. I really don’t think she has any acting skills. Unfortunately another movie that i won’t see.”


Regardless of what others may think of Kristen's performance, we highly doubt that she would have been given such a famous part if the producers didn't firmly believe she could portray the Princess in a convincing manner.

Who else will be among the first to view it?

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