The first image showing Kristen Stewart’s transformation into Princess Diana has been revealed ahead of a new movie.

Stewart, 30, will play the lead role of the late Princess of Wales in a brand-new biopic about her life, Spencer. The film will focus on Diana’s divorce to Charles, the Prince of Wales, in the early 1990s.

The actress, famed for her roles a Bella in the Twilight series has blown away fans with her undeniable similarity to the royal, despite her casting initially being met with mixed reviews.

Emma Corrin’s casting as Princess Diana in the successful Netflix series The Crown has been praised by fans of the show, with many believing the breakthrough actress was a perfect fit for the role.

When she isn’t playing the People’s Princess, Corrin still bares an undeniable similarity to her, sporting a dark blonde bob and a chic, polished look.

She also has a naturally demure look to her, which is in stark contrast to Kristen’s whole persona.

The Hollywood actress typically has dark hair cut into a shorter, androgynous style, wears heavy, dark makeup and is famed for her alternative look and lack of tendency to smile.

So you can imagine royal fanatics’ reactions when the image – taken on-set of the big-budget film in Germany where they started filming earlier this month – was shared all over Twitter.

Many had to look twice to figure out whether or not that actually was Princess Diana herself.

One said: “Didn’t understand it was K at first I really thought it was Diana!”

Another commented: “Omg, I didn’t recognise her at all! She looks so like Diana!”, with someone replying “I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought this! I wasn’t sure who it really was in the photo at first”.

The baffling similarity cannot be denied, which undoubtedly took hours in the wardrobe, makeup and hair departments.

However, not all are as supportive, with many flagging concerns that the royal’s Received Pronunciation accent will likely not be nailed by the American actress.

“She looks spot on! However, the accent will probably be butchered”, said one sceptic.

“Not looking forward to the attempt at an English accent. Most actors cannot grasp it and it’s painful”, claimed another.

And another fan added: “Wow but can she talk like Diana”.

However, the comments were also flooded by the anti-K-Stew tribe, who simply did not want to see the actress playing their beloved Diana.

One said: “I’m just not confident she will mirror Diana’s warmth or grace. She can barely act as it is, with less daunting material.”

While another savage tweeter added: “Kristen Stewart has the power to destroy every movie. I really don’t think she has any acting skills. Unfortunately another movie that i won’t see.”

Whatever people’s opinions on Kristen’s acting, we’re highly doubtful that she’d have been cast in such an iconic role if the bosses didn’t truly believe she could do the Princess justice.

Who else will be first in line to watch it?

Image via Alamy