Lady Gaga Falls Off Stage In Las Vegas

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, Music
Published 18.10.19

Lady Gaga took quite the fall at her Las Vegas show when she let a fan pick her up, subsequently falling off the raised platform of the stage.

It’s risky business getting fans involved in your live show (I imagine); we’ve all seen the moment Beyoncé let one of her fans have a little sing on her microphone and it was possibly the worst noise any of us have ever heard…

The thing about that instance though was that it was more or less harmless fun. Sure, the lady in question was probably quite embarrassed subsequently, but no-one got hurt.

How did Lady Gaga fall?

Lady Gaga, meanwhile, decided to get one of her fans involved in a pretty unconventional way, letting him on stage and essentially being able to do what he pleases with her.

With that, he picked her up and bounced(???) around a bit, before losing his footing and falling off the pretty highly raised platform of the stage.

Because this is 2019, of course it was filmed at multiple angles by various fans on Twitter and we can watch the action replay now…

In case you were worried, everyone was fine but my god; can you imagine how embarrassed that guy is about all of this? I’d never leave the house again.

I say that, there’s no official word just get on whether either of them sustained an injury, but Gaga managed to perform the choreography for Bad Romance near impeccably afterwards.

She’s either cruising on that adrenaline or just a flawless professional.

Probably both, to be honest.

Images via Twitter