Remember in high school – or at least at the end of it anyway – you’d have those ‘most likely to…’ awards voted by your peers?

You know what I got? Most likely to be asked for ID at 30. Those who know me will be well aware of my baby face and inability to grow facial hair, but despite my insecurities I just played along at the time all the while dying inside.

Now I’m four years off that age and I still continue to be ID’d. They knew all along. The naysayers were correct and I was stupid not to listen to them.


They never tell you that in Hollywood, do they?

However, almost the exact opposite of my woes in every conceivable way is Lady Gaga’s story, as she’s silenced her doubters in ways I never could.

The iconic – and frankly gorgeous – star took home the Academy Award for Best Original Song at this year’s Oscars, thanks to her smash hit “Shallow” from A Star Is Born. The gong made her the first person ever to win a BAFTA, an Oscar, a Golden Globe, and a Grammy in the same year.


All after her university bullies made a Facebook group about her called ‘Stefani Germanotta (her real name), you will never be famous.’

Take that, haters!

According to HelloGiggles, Lauren Bohn, a Middle East correspondent for The GroundTruth Project, wrote in an op-ed that she recalled stumbling upon the group as a college student when she “was a freshman at NYU and Facebook was only a year old.” Bohn added that group members called Gaga an “attention-wh*re.”


People were absolutely loving the story which is a classic tale of revenge:

Needless to say, Gaga’s had the last laugh in a truly inspiring way.

I’m listening to Ant Middleton’s (the short, fiery guy from SAS: Who Dares Wins) autobiography at the moment and he speaks at length about how succeeding is the only positive form of revenge.


Drown out the noise, know yourself and your worth, and work hard at your craft – that’s the key to happiness.

Why can’t I still grow a f*cking moustache, though?

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