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Lauren Goodger Comes For Mark Wright In Saucy Valentines Day Post


Lauren Goodger comes for Mark Wright in saucy valentines day post.Reality TV star Lauren Goodger has taken a swipe at her ex-boyfriend Mark Wright on Valentine's Day. Goodger, who previously dated Wright before he married actress Michelle Keegan, shared a sultry snap on her Instagram account with a saucy message aimed at her former flame.

Goodger's Social Media Activity Raises Eyebrows

Goodger's social media activity has raised eyebrows among fans, who are questioning the reality star's motives for the post.

Some have suggested that Goodger may still harbor feelings for Wright, while others have criticized her for trying to cause trouble in his marriage.

However, it is unclear what Goodger's intentions were with the post, and whether she was simply trying to wish her ex a happy Valentine's Day, or whether there was a more sinister motive behind her message.

In the now-deleted post, the former TOWIE star can be seen posing in black lingerie and stockings, with the caption, "Happy Valentine's Day to my LOVE (heart emoji). You're a good person and you deserve everything wonderful that comes your way. x."

The post was widely interpreted as a dig at Wright, who has recently been celebrating his own love life on social media. Wright has been married to Keegan since 2015, and the couple regularly shares loved-up snaps with their followers.

Goodger's message, however, suggests that she may still harbor feelings for her former beau. The post was met with mixed reactions from fans, with some praising her for her confidence and others criticizing her for the perceived dig at Wright.

Goodger and Wright were in an on-again, off-again relationship for several years during their time on The Only Way is Essex. The couple eventually split for good in 2012, with Wright going on to marry Keegan three years later.

Despite the breakup, Goodger has frequently spoken about her ex in interviews and on social media, leading to speculation that she is not over their relationship.

This latest post comes just weeks after Goodger spoke out about Wright's appearance on the reality show I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!, claiming that he had only taken part in the show to boost his career.

"He's got a lot of ambition and I feel like he wants to be the next Ant and Dec," she said in an interview with The Sun. "I feel like he wants to be a presenter of that kind of show, so I think he's just building his profile."

Wright has yet to respond to Goodger's Valentine's Day post, but it is unlikely that the comments will go unnoticed by the former TOWIE star.

In a recent interview with Hello! magazine, Wright spoke about his relationship with Keegan, saying that the couple was stronger than ever.

"We're very in love, we're very happy," he said. "We're very content with our lives at the moment, and we feel very lucky to be in the position that we're in."

Despite the drama surrounding Goodger's post, it seems that Wright is focused on his future with Keegan, rather than dwelling on the past.

People Also Ask

What Other Controversial Statements Has Lauren Goodger Made In The Media?

In addition to facing criticism for her Valentine's Day post, Lauren Goodger has also been criticized for some of her statements about weight loss and body positivity. She has been accused of promoting unhealthy attitudes toward food and fitness, and some fans have expressed concern about the impact of her comments on vulnerable individuals.

Why Did Lauren Goodger And Mark Wright Break Up?

While the exact reasons for their breakup have never been fully disclosed, Lauren Goodger has suggested in interviews that Mark Wright's growing fame and busy schedule may have been a factor. She has also hinted at infidelity on his part.

What Did Mark Wright's Wife, Michelle Keegan, Think Of Lauren Goodger's Post?

There has been no public comment from Michelle Keegan regarding Lauren Goodger's Valentine's Day post or the subsequent media attention.


Goodger's post has sparked controversy online, with fans divided over the perceived dig at Wright. While some have praised the reality star for her confidence, others have criticized her for trying to cause trouble in Wright's marriage.

Since then, Goodger continued to share updates on her life on social media and appeared in the media for a variety of reasons, including her ongoing fitness journey and her appearance on the reality TV show Celebs Go Dating. She also faced criticism in the media for some of her controversial opinions and statements.

Overall, it seemed that Goodger continued to be active in the public eye and was not significantly impacted by the fallout from her Valentine's Day post.

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