Leaked I’m A Celeb Memo Reveals Secret Behind The Letters Contestants Receive From Home

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in Uncategorised
Published 03.12.19

A rumble in the jungle of an altogether different kind has emerged Down Under after a leaked memo revealed that family members of the popular ITV reality show I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! were told what to write in letters to their famous loved ones.

Sources revealed that Dan Osborne and Chloe Madeley were instructed by producers what to write so that it fitted with the emotional narrative of certain scenes.


Like many reality shows before it, the leaked memo pretty much exposed the scripted nature of so-called reality television, with family members of the stars- in no uncertain terms- being told what to write in their letters to the jungle.

What’s more, families were told every Tuesday at 5 pm to “tell them how proud you are” and “give them any family news they might have missed.”

Whilst this may sound harmless, the reality series relies on these scenes for emotional gravitas, and when highlights of the show air in what are normally primetime evening slots, millions gather in living rooms up and down the country in the belief they are watching unscripted drama.


“The letters always make for emotional scenes in camp and great TV too,” an unnamed source said when speaking to the Mirror.

“We think people like Jacqueline and Andy who are really missing their kids will be teary when they get their letters.”

The latest revelation comes days after contestant Jacqueline Josa threatened to quit the show after it was suggested that her husband Dan Osbourne had been unfaithful.

Whilst campmates were moved to tears by the revelations, Jacqueline seemingly kept it together when her letter arrived from her husband/ suspected philanderer.


In what was arguably one of the most dramatic scenes in the show’s 17-year history, Jacqueline subsequently announced her intentions to throw in the towel unless she was allowed to talk to her husband.

The drama first unfolded when fellow campmate Myles Stephenson revealed that he believed Dan had cheated on her with his ex-Gabby Allen.

Elsewhere in the camp, Caitlyn Jenner was forced to see the funny side after discovering that her letter wasn’t quite what she had in mind. Causing a mini-standstill on social media with memes and tweets galore, her famous family failed to check up on their darling Caitlyn, instead leaving the care package duties to her dogs.