‘Leaving Neverland’ Director Already Wants To Make A Sequel Featuring More Victims

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in Entertainment, Netflix, News, TV, World
Published 07.03.19
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I know documentaries are more popular than ever at the moment but I don’t think anyone could have predicted the coverage and outright shock that Leaving Neverland has caused.

The first two-hour part of the documentary aired on Channel 4 last night, following the story of Wade Robson and James Safechuck who both claim to have been sexually abused by the singer when they were children. And it’s fair to say the reception was one of disbelief and disgust.

The amount of people that said they felt sick was pretty overwhelming on social media, which is totally understandable when you take into account the detail and gravity of what was being discussed in the show.

Some people, however, despite the allegations, maintain Jackson’s innocence, refusing to believe what’s documented in Leaving Neverland.

As I’ve said numerous times I’m an MJ fan but you can’t keep turning a blind eye to all these allegations from multiple people and simply brand them ‘money grabbers.’ At some point you have to start taking notice and accepting the possibility that they might not actually be lying.

Although what I will say is that he’s innocent until proven guilty – a difficult issue when he isn’t here anymore.

If you are one of the people hoping this will all go away, you might be waiting for some time, as the show’s director, Dan Reed, has said he would be keen to make a sequel if more victims came forward, specifically, accusers Gavin Arvizo and Jordan Chandler.

What’s interesting is to look at the Jordan Chandler civil case and criminal trial,” Dan told The Mirror.

“Those are two films I’d like to make. But Gavin and Jordan would have to come forward.”

Chandler famously secured a $23 million payout from Jackson in 1994, while Arvizo’s allegations sparked Jackson’s 2005 trial where he was found not guilty.

After the show aired last night, people were up in arms about how graphic the details were.

However, Dan explained that this was necessary so there was no doubt in anyone’s minds over what Michael was doing.

He said:

“For such a long time, Jackson hid in plain sight, saying his relationships with children were innocent… cuddles at bedtime and innocent slumber parties. I needed to establish in the most graphic terms that what Jackson was doing.”

Furthermore, speaking to NME, he explained why he thinks many people refuse to accept the truth:

“The Michael Jackson estate – the Michael Jackson machine – pumps out a lot of propaganda to the effect that he was just a childlike lover of humanity and a saviour of children, which is complete bilge.”

This comes after a number of people took to the streets of London to protest the documentary and Michael’s innocence.

The second of the two-parter airs tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm so expect more backlash and media coverage on this because it isn’t going away anytime soon.

Tonight’s episode might actually break the internet.

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