LEGO Has Announced A ‘Friends’ Collection And It Looks Amazing

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in Entertainment, TV, World
Published 06.08.19
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It seems only right that the two greatest things of all time come together, and finally LEGO and Friends have joined forces.

While information on the collaboration is sparse (as in, there isn’t any), LEGO announced the news with a short video and the simple caption: “The one with LEGO bricks Coming soon.”

Check out the teaser-video below:

So yes, fans of the show – young and old – will be able to play with the Central Park gang in LEGO form, which is absolutely not weird for adults to do.

God knows what else is going to be part of the collection but there better be a little Gunther. You’d imagine there’ll be some recreation of Central Perk too, with the question being why it’s taken them so long to do this.

FRIENDS deserves a LEGO set as it’s the most popular sitcom, especially celebrating 25 years next month,” wrote one fan.

Christmas present sorted for me,” hinted another, tagging a loved one.


“OMG, its friends lego!! Could I be anymore excited,” said another.

“I absolutely have to have this,” added someone.

This comes after a hilarious Phoebe video was doing the rounds on social media.

Remember when she gave birth to her brother’s triplets?

Yeah that was weird.

Anyway, if you remember from the hospital scene, she is sat in bed with the gang all around her, preparing to give birth to three babies while ever-reliable Ross is on hand to try and offer her some encouragement – which quite frankly she is so not in the mood for.

Well, Twitter has now re-surfaced a hilarious blooper clip of Phoebe snapping back at Ross where she refers to her vagina as a, err, ‘d**k ditch’.

It’s hilarious.

The post said:

“Let’s look back at the iconic moment where the cast of friends dared lisa kudrow to say “dick ditch” while filming an episode because the network didn’t want them to use the word “vagina.”

Friends LEGO, though ey? What’s next – The Office?

I’d be so down for that.

Images via LEGO/Twitter