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Leonardo DiCaprio Never Dates Women Older Than 25


He’s one of the most famous actors around, and Leo could have his pick of any woman – but fans have noticed a pattern when it comes to their age.

The Titanic star turned 46 this week, and a Reddit user TrustLittleBrother, compiled a graphic highlighting the fact that he hasn’t dated a single woman over the age of 25.

His girlfriend, Camila Marrone is 22 – he began dating her in 2017 when he was 43 and she was 20. She was born roughly six months before Titanic was released in 1998.

Ricky Gervais mocked the trend at the 2020 Golden Globes, having a jibe about the length of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and DiCaprio’s love life.

According to Matt Rappaport (@nyactor), “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood is so long, that at the premiere, Leonardo DiCaprio’s date was too old for him by the time it was over..” #RickyGervais #goldenglobes2020

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/leonardo-dicaprio-never-dates-women-older-than-25/ by Dr. Felix Chaosphere on 2022-10-16T12:28:22.164Z

Fans find his habit entertaining, to say the least.

The Notorious J.O.V. (@whotfisjovana), "Do you think Leo DiCaprio will ever date a woman over 25."

According to Sarah Schauer (@sarahschauer), Leonardo Dicaprio has never dated someone over 25, so I have a month left to be with him… Leo, you know you want me."

According to Naomi (@nrlachance), "Only 2 more days until I turn 25 and vanish into the sea foam in the ocean and my boyfriend is forced to find an 18-year-old to date, it's called the Leo DiCaprio rule."


According to Rylie (@rylielbutler), "I need Leo DiCaprio to dump his girlfriend when she turns 25 so I can date him thanks."

According to Loren (@lorenlenea), "Has anyone considered that maybe Leo hasn’t dated any women over the age of 25 because women over the age of 25 respect themselves too much to date Leo DiCaprio?"

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