Lewis Capaldi Breaks Silence On Ex Paige Turley Going Into Love Island

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Published 14.01.20

Lewis Capaldi Breaks Silence On Ex Paige Turley Going Into Love Island

As Scottish blonde, Paige Turley, waltzed into the Love Island villa in Cape Town on Sunday’s launch show we were all well aware of her romantic connection to international hit sensation, Lewis Capaldi.


I mean it was pretty much Paige’s claim to fame right from the get-go.

Paige had no qualms about spilling the beans on her relationship with the singer in press interviews prior to her entrance into the villa – yet Lewis had remained silent.


Speaking during her intro video, the 22-year-old claimed that one of the Scotsman’s biggest tunes was, in fact, about her.

She said: “One of my ex-boyfriends is actually Lewis Capaldi. We dated for a year. According to the papers the song Someone You Loved was about me.


“I’m so sorry, I must have been a b***ch to you.”

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However, now the man himself has addressed her appearance on Love Island.

What has Lewis Capaldi said about Paige Turley?

Speaking on New Zealand show, The Edge, Lewis revealed he had no idea Paige was doing the show but wished her the best of luck, despite the fact she had cheated on him with his best mate.

“She never told me she was going on it. That would have been a nice heads up”.


“But fair play and good luck to her”.

“I’ll be f***ing watching it – like go on Paige, come on”.

“When she’s on a date with a boy I’ll be like come on kiss him. I hope she wins”, added Lewis.

Despite being a multi-millionaire, Lewis considered a potential win for Paige a nice little side-earner for himself joking:

“The prize is like £50,000 and I’ll be like ‘Well, listen. They asked you to go on it right I’m not saying I’m the reason but also… slide me two grand”.


Best get your votes in then, Lew.

“I’ve known her for years. 18 when we first met, 19 when we started going out, 20 when we finished going out”, he adds.

“It was a very amicable break-up”.

Lewis Capaldi and Paige Turley Love Island

After dating for just over a year, it emerged that Paige had reportedly had a fling with Lewis’ best friend, Garry Greig.

Lewis Capaldi Gary Greig

Wonder how it managed to remain an “amicable” break-up then?!

It is said that Lewis was “absolutely devastated” when Paige dumped him, and it even inspired him to write his No1 best-selling ballad ‘Someone You Loved’.


If reports of Paige’s unfaithfulness whilst in her relationship with Capaldi are true – we can’t help but wonder why she’s been so harsh on Cornish soon-to-be Lord, Ollie Williams?

Paige is currently coupled up with Ollie on the show and has been less than forgiving amid his own cheating revelations.

One rule for you is it love?!

paige turley love island

Mind you, she was heard saying in last night’s episode that “once is a mistake” but didn’t take too kindly to Ollie’s eight or nine times ‘Spill the Tea’ statement.

Fans were left fuming at the revelation saying: Ollie is a dirty boy. How can man say he cheated ‘eight or nine times’??? Why would you even leave room for ambiguity???”.


With another saying: “Ollie’s f****d it a day in, karma’s a great thing”.

But with latest reports alleging Paige has also done the dirty on Capaldi with his best mate, perhaps the pair are made for each other.

The re-coupling in a few days time will tell all.