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Libya Floods Results In 10000 People Missing And At Least 2000 Dead


In recent days, Libya has witnessed a catastrophe of unprecedented proportions as catastrophic flooding has wreaked havoc, resulting in a staggering loss of life and displacement of communities. Libya floods results in 10000 people missing and at least 2000 dead.

After Storm Daniel rained so much rain on Libya's northeast that two dams fell and water poured into already flooded areas.

Libya floods results in 10000 people missing and at least 2000 dead, with fears that this number may continue to rise. The scale of devastation is heart-wrenching, as families grapple with the loss of loved ones and entire communities face an uncertain future.

The number of persons who are still unaccounted for was provided to media during a briefing in Geneva, Switzerland, by Tamer Ramadan, the delegation's leader from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in Libya. She declared:

The death toll is huge.- Tamer Ramadan

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/libya-floods-results-in-10000-people-missing-and-at-least-2000-dead/ by Morgan Maverick on 2023-09-12T21:36:31.274Z

Othman Abduljalil, the health minister in the eastern government of Libya, told Libya's Almasar TV that as many as 6,000 people may be missing in the eastern city of Derna, which has experienced the worst destruction. When he toured the city on Monday, he described the situation as "catastrophic."

The catastrophe has left approximately 10,000 individuals unaccounted for, amplifying the anguish and anxiety for their families. Many have been forced to flee their homes, seeking refuge on higher ground or in makeshift shelters as their residences were swept away by the relentless floodwaters.

The flooding has not only claimed lives but has also caused extensive damage to critical infrastructure. Roads and bridges have been washed away, making access to affected areas challenging. Hospitals and medical facilities are overwhelmed as they strive to provide care to the injured and those in need.

The collapse of one of the dams to the south of Derna, according to Mr. Chkiouat, the aviation minister and member of the eastern government's emergency response council, has carried much of the city into the sea.

He said:

A massive neighborhood has been destroyed - there is a large number of victims, which is increasing each hour. Currently 1,500 dead. More than 2,000 missing. We don't have accurate figures but it's a calamity. The dam that collapsed hasn't been maintained for a while.- Mr Chkiouat

According to authorities, entire communities are thought to have been wiped away in the city.

Two dams were damaged resulting in severe floods in Libya
Two dams were damaged resulting in severe floods in Libya

According to Osama Aly, a spokesperson for the Emergency and Ambulance service, hospitals in Derna are no longer operational and the morgues are overflowing. He informed CNN that dead bodies had been dumped on the sidewalks in front of morgues.

Mr. Chkiouat claimed that assistance was on the way and that the Tripoli government, which had sent an aircraft with 14 tonnes of medical supplies, body bags, and more than 80 physicians and paramedics, would accept assistance from the eastern administration.

In coordination with UN allies and the Libyan government, the US would send supplies to eastern Libya, according to Richard Norton, the country's special envoy to Libya.

Among the nations that have declared they have sent or are prepared to send aid are Egypt, Germany, Iran, Italy, Qatar, and Turkey. Around 250 kilometers east of Benghazi along the coast, in the vicinity of the Jabal Akhdar region's rich hills, sits Derna.

While Libya's climate is characterized by aridity, this catastrophic flooding event underscores the unpredictable and extreme impacts of climate change. It serves as a stark reminder that no region is immune to the consequences of a warming planet, and adaptation measures are crucial.


Libya floods results in 10000 people missing and at least 2000 dead. The catastrophic flooding in Libya, fueled by extreme weather events, has exacted a devastating toll on lives and infrastructure.

As the nation grapples with the immediate aftermath of this tragedy, the international community's support and solidarity are paramount in aiding recovery and rebuilding shattered communities. This crisis serves as a somber reminder of the urgency to address climate change and its far-reaching implications on vulnerable regions worldwide.

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